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Wake County man accused of indecent liberties with a child

Posted November 3, 2008

— A Wake County man is charged with taking indecent liberties with a child.

William Ayers was arrested Monday in connection with the incident which involved a victim under the age of 16, according to an arrest warrant.

Ayers was also charged with second degree kidnapping for taking another child away from her home without permission.


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  • boatingforfun88 Nov 4, 2008

    Wral...you aren't going to list his home address as you did with a friend of mine????? What makes this guy's personal life so private???? Or do you not have the facts yet....you just wanted to do what you could????????? Why haven't we heard more about your GM accused of embezzling???? Preferential treatment????

  • ccs1920 Nov 4, 2008

    I believe that he's been letting something other than his brain do his thinking for him.

  • jlh4jdj Nov 4, 2008

    Keeping it real--The only problem is if you check ID for Beer and the person has a fake then they are punished not you. But, if you check ID and she has a fake, and you don't catch it, then the guy is still found guilty. Trust me if it were a woman with a younger man who had a fake ID that would be ok by the law (sarcasim).

  • colliedave Nov 4, 2008

    wow, he does look like an average joe

    Most of the ones in prison look like "average joes."

  • mrtwinturbo Nov 4, 2008

    I wonder why the media always posts pictures of people not yet convicted of a crime? Just thinking out loud.........

  • Angel67 Nov 4, 2008

    wow, he does look like an average joe

  • Jh5230 Nov 4, 2008

    Wow, I wonder what the circumstances are of this? This guy looks harmless, but I'm sure that many of them do.

  • Mr. Keeping It Real Nov 4, 2008

    Again, what did the teen lead him to believe...but it doesn't matter. Like selling beer, ask for ID when in doubt.

  • StraightNifonged Nov 4, 2008

    Ahh the other Bill Ayers, and this one is no better!!