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Wake County inmate in critical condition after fight with officer

Posted April 4, 2011

— A Wake County inmate was in critical condition on Monday after authorities said he assaulted a detention officer shortly after his arrest. 

Raleigh police arrested Joshua Martin Wrenn, 29, Sunday at a Raleigh nightclub on a charge that he assaulted a female, according to Phyllis Stevens, a spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

While being booked, Wrenn assaulted a detention officer at the Wake County jail, Stevens said. Wrenn was injured during the fight and was taken to WakeMed Hospital.

The Wake County Sheriff's office completed its preliminary investigation and has asked the State Bureau of Investigations to look into the incident, Stevens said. 

Wrenn has been arrested in the past for domestic assault charges and forgery, according to state Department of Correction records.


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  • michaelclay Apr 5, 2011

    People, I was arrested once years ago for DWI and I did exactly what the officers asked of me. I also saw others that were spitting on the officers, tring to bite them and kicking and swinging at them. Those were the ones that got hurt. The best thing to do if you're arrested is what they ask or tell you to do.

  • oldcorp Apr 5, 2011

    To the 'drunk sympathizers', don't you understand that it is VERY simple? Obey commands, follow instructions. Period. It's that simple. The arrestee determines the flavor of his encounter. No one forced alcohol into him. Time to grow up and be accountable for one's self, not blaming everything on those tasked with helping clean up human debris.

  • NoObamaCare Apr 5, 2011

    The Officer was being threatened and attacked. His first instinct, which is usually the correct one, was to punch this intoxicated assailant. He also chose to attack an Officer that looks like The Incredible Hulk! Just that alone goes to show what type of mentality this Inmate had.

  • cwilliford8098 Apr 5, 2011

    because i know this guy, i can tell you that he is a very angry drunk and definitely deserved to be in jail for what he did. what he did not deserve, was to be hit in the head so hard that his brain swelled. police officers should be trained in the proper ways to detain unruly people. it is not their job to put unarmed people in comas. but of course this article, like most others, fails to give ALL of the details in what happened.

  • gunny462 Apr 5, 2011

    "The guy was in jail so how could he be a threat especially when the cop had other cops around? crand2003"

    Because he let alcohol rule his thinking, because he thought he could inflict harm on an officer, because he has a low IQ, because he's a repeat offender, because he was at the booking station and saw a misguided chance to hurt someone else.

  • CarolinianByChoice Apr 4, 2011

    Arrested at a nightclub, photo looks like he swam in alcohol (or was high on something else). If that is true then it isn't too difficult to believe he got so out of hand that he was seriously injured in efforts to detain him.

    Have a friend who used to work as an ER nurse - the second time she was literally thrown across a room by a raging drunk who couldn't figure out she was trying to HELP him she put in her resignation.

    People who are under the influence of great amounts of alcohol are capable of incredible destruction and hopelessly ignorant acts - sometimes it takes huge efforts to restrain them.

  • parcman Apr 4, 2011

    domestic assault and assualting a female?...looks like the big boys hit back ...im sorry he didnt get help for anger but i suspect alchol had alot to do with the problems

  • crand2003 Apr 4, 2011

    The guy was in jail so how could he be a threat especially when the cop had other cops around?

  • SilverWolf Apr 4, 2011

    Hey Jodi, what's the problem now? You gonna hide every opinion you don't agree with? hahahahaha. You and your crew are worthless. Have a nice day.

  • lawncare5 Apr 4, 2011

    Can't we all get along doesn't work in jail, or on the streets. Hope the LEO gets a good lawyer and sues the suspect for any damages.