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Wake County funds preservation of family farm as open space

Posted August 19, 2013

— Wake County commissioners on Monday unanimously approved the use of $1.6 million to protect a 300-acre family farm from future development. 

The funding will help the Triangle Land Conservancy purchase Walnut Hill Farm, which stretches from southern Wake County into Johnston County, in one of the largest open-space acquisitions in Wake County history.

"We are thrilled that our decade-long efforts to protect this important property have taken another important step forward today," said Chad Jemison, the conservancy's executive director, in a statement. "TLC applauds the efforts of the Wake County Commissioners and County Manager in securing the $1.6 million in funding. They were truly working on behalf of the people of the county today."

In the future, the land could be used for outdoor recreation and trails, agriculture and food production.  


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  • Frank Downtown Aug 21, 2013

    Great! It along with the land next to it already purchased will make a greak park.

  • 426X3 Aug 20, 2013

    Have lottery hunts, kids hunts or primitive weapon hunts (muzzle loaders, bows). The county could charge a fee and these activities could be well supervised. And perish the thought, there may even be some lessons (conservation, wildlife management, sportsmanship, safe gun handling, etc) learned.

  • Bill of Rights Aug 20, 2013

    Ooh, "hunters with guns." Perish the thought. I mean, it would have been so much better to just bulldoze this land and turn it into another repulsive subdivision. But at least then the weak-kneed ninnies wouldn't be upset.

    Hopefully when the hunters go out, they will take a kid with them so the kids can learn good marksmanship and sportsmanship.

  • bcox50 Aug 20, 2013

    OR......It will probably be taken over by hunters with guns who will be shooting near all those neighborhoods with children. Anyone think about that?

  • whatelseisnew Aug 20, 2013

    "While we are at it, let's sell off all the schools to the highest bidder. We can either lease them back or just close them."

    I like this idea and no we do not lease them back. We take the proceeds and provide vouchers to people that are actually interested in having their children receive an education.

    As to this expenditure, I would have preferred that they use that money to pay off county debt. But politicians are like inane credit card users. They have no money but spend it anyway and just figure somebody will pick up the tab for their foolish actions.

  • Student Nurse Aug 20, 2013

    Wow - what a bunch of negative comments. I live in that area and every day I see another "mushroom" neighborhood pop up overnight. Everytime I see an acerage for sale sign I cringe, knowing that yet another subdivision will mushroom there. I love the fact that this land will be preserved and not be filled with more unneccesary development.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 20, 2013

    I don't hunt, but I would support efforts to allow hunting there. The important part is preserving some natural areas for all the reasons happymom mentioned. Opening it for hunting provides recreation opportunity to many of our residents with no further investment beyond purchasing the raw land and posting boundaries and information. The challenge is that no one else can use it while its used for hunting, where as other uses can accommodate more people.

  • tshootertech Aug 20, 2013

    so has anyone ever checked into this triangle land conservency ? yup they will allow hiking trails , biking trails every thing under the sun except somthing truly needed in these spaces. HUNTING to control the deer population . how many more tens of thousands of acres will be set aside and never opened to experienced bowhunters who want the opportunity to help with the problem that they are definately creating.

  • happymom Aug 20, 2013

    "Why should wake county tax payers be in the land preservation business?!?"

    Because, frankly, it's in their best financial interest to do so. It's a longterm investment though. Having green spaces improves air quality, lower temperatures, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, provide exercise opportunities... All of these have a financial benefit to the community over the long haul.

  • miseem Aug 20, 2013

    Why should wake county tax payers be in the land preservation business?!?

    Correct. Let's sell off all the parks, museums, ball fields, and town squares. Who needs them anyway. Make a few bucks and let people go somewhere else and pay if they want to see some nature or to exercise. While we are at it, let's sell off all the schools to the highest bidder. It worked for the General Assembly. We can either lease them back or just close them.