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Wake County father charged in child abuse case

Posted November 11, 2010
Updated November 12, 2010

— Both parents of a Wake County child face abuse charges after their child was severely injured in a possible assault, according to arrest warrants filed by the sheriff's office.

Kelvin Lee Cash, 35, and Tiffany Robitalle, 23, both of 1300 Farm Road, Lot #13 in Raleigh, each face one count of felony neglecting child abuse involving serious bodily injury. 

Warrants state that the couple's child had broken bones, fluid on the brain and healing fractures on a rib and leg. The injuries occurred in late October. The child's age and sex were not disclosed.

Cash and Robitalle were placed in the Wake County jail under separate $100,000 secured bonds. They were both scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

If she meets bond, Robitalle is ordered to not have any contact with children, court records state. As a condition of possible release, Cash was ordered to have no unsupervised contact with children.

State Department of Correction records show that Cash was convicted of misdemeanor breaking and entering and larceny in 2007 and held in contempt of court in 2008. He was given probation in each case.

Robitalle was convicted of violating a protective order and larceny in 2007, DOC records show. She served 1½ months in jail when her probation for those offenses was revoked in 2009.


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  • Just Passin Thru Nov 12, 2010

    Well,a lot's been said. Ive rushed to judgment too many times myself. I'm very close to this family and have spent a lot of time with them. braddavis,so true guy. Not all are trailer park trash. Many dumpster divers today once had great jobs and very nice homes. I've never seen a mark on Tiffany until the pic. Kelvin is NOT a violent person. Her mug shot to me say's "God please help" Drugs may have been part of their past, but I've seen NONE and have spent a lot of time with that family. I've tried to be there throughout this nightmare as well. It's been rough. Kelvin would NEVER allow any harm to those kids. Tif hasn't been abused, they were not on drugs and nothing but love and gentleness towards the kids. I've seen them do the right things as parents. The youngest made every postnatal Dr. visit;I took them. It had been set up for a therapist to work with the autistic child etc. These parents are terrified and grasping for answers. I just Pray that the real truth is found.
    It IS sad.

  • kellielynn Nov 12, 2010

    The website hacked my comment but I had typed he was always the one who was bullied around in his relationships. He was not known for aggression and while I do know that drugs can change people into monsters.. It is still very hard to hear this about him.
    A mother and father should be accountable for the welfare of their young children.

  • kellielynn Nov 12, 2010

    It is very hard to hear this about someone you have cared about.
    I knew Kelvin from back in middle school and high school. He was very precious to me and my family. I cannot imagine him ever harming a child but I do know that if you invite drugs into your life.. you invite the possibility of turning ugly inside from them.
    He always seemed to try and save girls and was attracted to the ones who he thought he could fix who were sad or wounded in some way. Something has changed him because he was always the one He was quiet but could make you laugh easily.
    It hurts me deeply to think he could allow his own child to be harmed in any way and I pray for him and this girl because they look so lost. Like many users. I pray for this child who should never have suffered a day of pain by the hands of those

  • North Carolina Home Nov 12, 2010

    girlwonders, orphanages have been stigmatized for long time and I will be the first to admit they are not the optimum environment in which to raise a child but our children are in crisis. Oxford is a good example of success and NC has more.

    I went to public school for twelve years with children from a local church based orphanage. Our senior class president was a resident there and he was a wunderkid that was loved by all. Nobody treated these kids as second class citizens by any stretch and they were collectively the best kids in HS. Almost 100% of them from my senior class went on to college.

    The mention of them brings negative, visceral comments from a lot of people but then so does the mention of DSS & foster homes

  • girlwonders Nov 12, 2010

    I grew up in an orphanage, and I also spent time in foster homes. The orphanage was much better than the homes. It is still there, and takes children that have need for a stable home. Referrals are taken from private individuals and DSS. Check out the website. http://www.mhc-oxford.org/

  • sap0953 Nov 12, 2010

    What is wrong with people???

  • LongHorns Nov 12, 2010

    Dude won't fair well in the system. Not if he was my Cellie.

  • North Carolina Home Nov 12, 2010

    We can debate, cry, hand wring, blame, lament and express outrage over each individual case but for a sad reminder that this child is but one and her future in foster care may not be any better than where she's already been.

    Please visit this site for a glimpse into how bad this problem really is across the country:


    It is way past time to bring back orphanages in lieu of foster care. It is way past time keep supporting the failures of DSS whether those failures are due to incompetence, underfunding, inexperience or whatever, they are failing. It is way past time to stop expecting our public schools to both educate and raise our neglected and abandoned children. It is way past time to make our penal institutions uncomfortable enough that criminals REALLY don't want to be there. Our country cannot continue the cost economically or morally to support failed systems.

  • cth1 Nov 12, 2010

    So sad for this poor child!!
    These people are nothing but cowards!! How can you hurt your own child?? I just don't get it! I would give my life for my children and can't imagine hurting them!! Some people don't deserve to have children!!!

  • kewlmom Nov 12, 2010

    A lot of times if the woman is being abused, the abuser will take away her means to leave. She will often not have access to phones, vehicles, nor time alone with friends or family to ask them for help in leaving. It's hard to say what was going on in that house.