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Wake commissioners rank school bond as top priority

Posted March 18, 2013

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— The Wake County Board of Commissioners said it wants to make it a priority to get a successful school bond on the ballot this fall.

The bond issue was No. 1 among top goals the board voted to approve Monday.

The Wake County Public School System needs up to 16 new elementary schools, five middle schools and six high schools, and there are many renovation needs at existing schools. Those capital needs might require the county issuing up to $2 billion in bonds, elected leaders have said.

But some school board members have said they think commissioners are moving too quickly. They suggest postponing the referendum until 2014.

In other business Monday, commissioners considered a proposal to open a Go Ape adventure course at Blue Jay Point County Park.

The treetop course would use zip lines and swings to navigate the forest. Go Ape currently operates three similar courses in the United States.

However, some commissioners were concerned about potential liability and allowing private vendors to operate in a public park.


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  • miseem Mar 19, 2013

    Right. Vote against any new schools. That will definitely slow the influx of those deluded immigrants (legal and illegal) into Wake County. Might even convince some people, and businesses, to leave. Good riddance, I say. Which would you prefer, a good educational system with adequate facilities or low property tax?

  • atc2 Mar 19, 2013

    OMG!!!!! These commissioners are PATHETIC. So sick of these lame old visions. Approve the Go Ape before they decide to use another city. There is absolutely very little for kids and adults to do in the Triangle. With that said, fastest growing city in country and no water park, aqurium, etc.. Now they are delaying a decision on a good opportunity. let me guess - COBLE and GURLEY are the road blocks as they always ARE in these matters. These two need to move to out of Raleigh along with all the commissioners on this board

  • outhousecat Mar 19, 2013

    If the public schools would do what they're supposed to do - educate kids - maybe they'd have a chance with this. Instead they're social workers, race equalizers, self-esteem builders and everything else, educating every kid in the world even if that kid is not legal or terrorizing every other kid in school with their bad behavior.

    Everybody in in my family graduated from Wake schools, including me. I'm glad I don't live there anymore. If I did, I'd be voting against this mess, too.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 19, 2013

    "Greed by bankers, builders and realors are what pushes uncontrolled growth."

    You left off the greediest creatures of all. The politicians and all the Government people that benefit because they use this as a means to seize more money.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 19, 2013

    "The WCPS are so bad that I have decided to send my kid to private school. I should invoice the school board ;"

    You should be receiving from the STATE and COUNTY the equivalent dollars that they would have spent to FORCE your kid into a public school. Time to push the legislature for vouchers.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 19, 2013

    Please vote NO on these bonds. We DO NOT need to be servicing more debt. I have not checked in a while, but the last time I did we were paying out 125 million in debt servicing per year and the bulk of that debt was for School bonds. So had the public not foolishly voted for bonds in the past, THAT money could have gone to building schools and maintaining them.

    It is time to STOP building SCHOOLS. It is time to place students in other learning venues, charter and private. Building and operating traditional schools is the most expensive and not very effective option for providing an education opportunity. THERE is no reason to INSIST that this be Government monopoly system, and every reason to break that monopoly apart.

  • djofraleigh Mar 19, 2013

    The county commissioners need to have CONTROLLED growth in Wake by controlling water, sewer and building permits. Where is the quality of life in uncontrolled growth. Greed by bankers, builders and realors are what pushes uncontrolled growth.

  • Whiskey4one Mar 19, 2013

    My first issue with this is that WCPS are so poorly run that the quality of education is a joke, so I'd vote 'no' on that basis alone.

    My second issue is that these things are typically paid for from property taxes, which is disproportionate to the utility of the schools. So because I have worked my tail off and live in a nice house, I would get to foot a disproportionately higher piece of the bond. The WCPS are so bad that I have decided to send my kid to private school. I should invoice the school board ;)

  • bombayrunner Mar 19, 2013

    The throw away money School Board ... NO

  • SouthernPackerFan Mar 19, 2013

    School is NOT requesting this, the Board of Commissioners are!
    Two seperate entities..... carry on