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Wake attracts teachers from all over

Posted August 22, 2008

— Almost a thousand new teachers will be in Wake County classrooms when the traditional school year begins Monday.

Orientation was held for new recruits to the Wake County Public School System Friday.

District leaders say the 950 new teachers are culled from an applicant pool that is stronger than ever.

About half of those new to the district are also new to North Carolina. "There have been teacher layoffs all over Florida, so we've been attracting veterans from Florida, California, the Midwest and upstate New York," Joan Kister, teacher recruitment director said.

With a growing student population, and a limited number of teaching graduates, Triangle districts often hire from out-of-state. Wake County school officials traveled to 32 states to find applicants.

The district has 21 teaching positions still open. More than 9,200 teachers work at the 157 schools county-wide.


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  • TheAdmiral Aug 25, 2008

    I think it is funny that they claim that they attract teachers to Wake only to be short wicked out of the system to other systems. It is very funny that not only do they boot them out - but they keep the worst ones - and they bring in more, and they still have a shortage of teachers pi*_ ed off - so they leave.

  • bs101fly Aug 22, 2008

    "maybe its time for a change at the top."

    you think? are YOU ready to pass the next $BILLION + bond so that they can squander and steal your money from you?


  • billy Aug 22, 2008

    Hopefully this story will open some eyes.
    25% turnover indicates something is wrong, bad wrong, with management.
    Train and hire locally.
    And keep the ones that you hire.
    If the schools can't or wouldn't do it maybe its time for a change at the top.
    School Boards and administrators that don't recruit and keep qualified teachers need to be removed.
    Just my opion.

  • bs101fly Aug 22, 2008

    No T-Man, it's plain STUPID!
    And THAT is our Wake County School Board!

    Stop voting to pass school bonds in Wake County UNTIL we get some accountability!!

    And we're farrrrrrrrrrr from that at this point!

  • T-Man Aug 22, 2008

    ifcdirector, I could not have said this better myself! Wake county will NOT hire lateral entry teachers at all. They would rather spend money recruiting teachers from other states than hire teachers who have been in the community for many years. That is just plain sad!

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Aug 22, 2008

    teacher56 Maybe the real reason is: He is probably "overqualified" or more likely, he is smarter than 99% of the people doing the hiring and they are intimidated by his level of education. A more likely reason is: For what they will have to pay your husband, the WCPSS can hire 5 entry level teacheres at bargain basement prices leaving more cash to skim for themselves.

  • teacher56 Aug 22, 2008

    WCPSS principals are always saying how there is a shortage of teachers. From first hand experience, I will tell you there is no shortage! My husband has a Ph.D in biology and has experience teaching at the college level. He is NC certified in high school science and math and after attempting to get interviews and a job in WCPSS for the past 3 years he has stopped. He said the principals are only interested in hiring people with previous high school experience! WCPSS can be very picky with who they hire as they have many to choose from.

  • ifcdirector Aug 22, 2008

    They won't be here long. It's amazing how the school system can afford to import people who have zero cultural or place identity with students who live here but refuse to hire lateral entry teachers, most of who ostensibly live and have lived in this area for a long time, for most subjects. No wonder their budget is high enough to run the rest of the entire state government every year. Full mediocre ahead.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Aug 22, 2008

    Hopefully, for the sake of our students, they're doing background checks to keep out the (known) perverts.

  • Armando de Cabana Boy Aug 22, 2008

    SHOCKING! You mean there are lots of teachers willing to come work for these paltry wages? ;)