Voting-rights groups plan to challenge ID law

Posted March 7, 2013

— Two days after Republicans mapped out their plan to pass a law requiring North Carolina voters to present a photo to cast a ballot, the NAACP attacked the idea as just another poll tax to restrict voters.

The NAACP joined other voting-rights groups Thursday to protest the voter ID proposal, contending that it will unfairly exclude thousands of registered voters who don't have a photo ID, especially minorities, students and the elderly.

They argued that the General Assembly should create more voting opportunities, not less.

Polls show an overwhelming majority of North Carolina residents favor some form of identification to vote.

Rev. William Barber, state NAACP president, also was quick to accept lawmakers' invitation for voter ID opponents to come to the table to help draft a reasonable bill.

NAACP President Rev. William Barber NAACP, others criticize voter ID proposal

"Not only will we be at the table to say, 'You don't need to do this. We don't need it. It's unnecessary. We have the best law,'" Barber said, "but if you do it, there will be vigorous examination, and we will bring every tool we have legally and otherwise to fight (it) – not for black people, but all Americans and all North Carolinians."

One legal challenge could focus on mail-in absentee voting, where no ID is required, although Republican lawmakers said they would look to address that issue in the bill before it's filed.

The groups also protested any efforts by lawmakers to reduce days and times for early voting in future elections, saying it would unfairly take away voting rights.


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  • junkmail5 Mar 11, 2013

    I, personally, don't understand why filing a tax return isn't required to vote -dmccall

    Well, for one, the voting system existed for well over 100 years before there WAS a tax return system.... so you seem to have a basic lack of historical knowledge going on.

    You're also wrong about being "obligated to participate in the revenue collection system" even if exempt from paying.

    There's a long list of circumstances under which you do NOT have to file a federal tax return in a given year, most of which have no relevance to yoru being eligible to vote or not.

    (you also don't need photo ID to file a tax return, so I can't figure out how your thoughts are even connected to the topic under discussion)

  • dmccall Mar 11, 2013

    I, personally, don't understand why filing a tax return isn't required to vote. (Note that I did not say that you have to pay any amount in tax). Yes, voting is a right of the people, but you are also obligated, by law, to participate in the revenue collection system even if you are exempt from paying.

  • Krimson Mar 8, 2013

    StateFan99: "Why is it liberals are all of a suddern concerned with "wasteful spending"?"

    So when liberals are mindful of "wasteful spending", it's bad???

    Shouldn't the proper question be: why are Conservatives all of a sudden willing and committed to "wasteful spending"???

    You can't justify the "wasteful spending", so you try to berate "liberals" for calling you out on it... Its laughable... And sad...

  • junkmail5 Mar 8, 2013

    Why is it liberals are all of a suddern concerned with "wasteful spending"? Your chief in the white house has been doing a pretty darn good job of it - Statefan99

    Hint: When your best defense of a program that accomplishes nothing useful and wastes money is "But...the OTHER side wastes money too!" it's probably time to stop defending your useless, expensive, program.

    I'm having a hard time understanding all this opposition to a voter ID requirement.- Josephlawrence43

    Because it wastes a pile of money for literally no good reason whatsoever... Nobody can show any real life examples where it would do any good at all... in additional to potentially disenfranchising those who lack the ID.

  • josephlawrence43 Mar 8, 2013

    @goldenosprey: Absentee voter fraud??? Try denial of absentee voter right to vote due to Democratic controlled election boards in Illinois which "forgot" to send our deployed troops their absentee votes in time. Under the previous Demo. controlled state board of elections how many absentee votes of our deployed troops were not even counted? So do you want to stick to the subject of voter ID, or do you wish to continue this discussion of outright denial of the rights of deployed troops to vote? http://www.weareillinois.org/connect/newsdetail.aspx?newsid=10889

  • StateFan99 Mar 8, 2013

    "How so? I've been waiting on the proof for years now that would justify spending millions on picture IDs. Perhaps you can show me credible information of widespread voter fraud that could be prevented by picture ID's? If not, I guess you're just another partisan who can't support their claims."

    Why is it liberals are all of a suddern concerned with "wasteful spending"? Your chief in the white house has been doing a pretty darn good job of it for the past 4 years without showing any interest in actually reducing our debt. He just wants to tax the rich and distribute it to those he feels deserve it more, all while blaming Republicans for everything just so he can win the house back in two years and push his uber-liberal policies his last two years in office. WAKE UP.

  • Krimson Mar 8, 2013


    Requiring everyone to bring in a picture ID doesn't accomplish anything if BOE cannot verify the authenticity of the ID. Requiring everyone to bring in ID also the potential of Disenfranchising certain voters - potentially more than there are cases of Fraud.

    The "real" factor to consider is cost. Are we willing to spend XXX tax-dollars combating an issue that has little or no statistical impact on elections? I happen to think its a good idea and well worth the cost, but I haven't seen any actual dollar amounts yet so I can't really judge...

  • Krimson Mar 8, 2013


    While voting, voters are required to sign an affidavit stating they are not lying about their identity. This form also has a bar-code which should be scanned and tied to the bar-code on the back of your Voter ID card.

    And the ballot voters receive has a bar-code. Scan this. If there is any problem, that particular ballot can be pulled (vote thrown out), and/or the person who cast the vote could be tracked (via the bar-codes).

    Those that cannot have their identities verified should have their photos taken, be made to fill out a Registration Application, sign the affidavit, and should be allowed to vote Provisionally. If everything is OK, count the vote. If not, toss the vote...

  • Krimson Mar 8, 2013

    Every Registered Voter in NC already receives an ID from the State: the Voter ID Card. On the back, there is a bar-code. This bar-code should be unique and BOE should scan these bar-codes and use available on-line information to verify the identification of the voter. BOE should be given enough information (including DMV digital photos) that a picture ID presented by a voter should not be necessary. The databse used by BOE should also be instantly updated, so that when a person votes, every polling place in the State knows.

  • ljohnson247 Mar 8, 2013

    Why do not the Rev. Barber and these other groups use their time and money helping the ones that need to be brought up-date in the new world instead of using the time and money saying they do not have a ID and no way to get one. Bet those people can get around to do other things.
    They talk about the low number of voter fraud, think about this, how many have not got caught?
    They want Sunday early voting only so they can fill buses and tell bus riders who to vote for. IRS would love to know about some of this.