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Volunteer firefighter pleads guilty to setting tire fire

Posted January 12, 2011

— A Columbus County firefighter and another man pleaded guilty Wednesday to setting fire to a tire store in September 2009, federal authorities said.

Daniel Wayne Scott, 20, and Michael Cody Clamp, 19, both of Chadbourne, pleaded guilty in federal court in Greenville to aiding and abetting arson. They will be sentenced later.

Scott, Clamp and Richard Blake Turner, 21, set fire to a Carolina Tire store in Chadbourn on Sept. 21, 2009, so that Scott could earn some extra money, federal prosecutors said. Scott was a volunteer with the Klondyke-Chadbourn Fire & Rescue Department.

Scott climbed into the building through a broken window, splashed a flammable liquid on some tires and started the fire, prosecutors said.

About 30,000 tires were inside the store, and the fire burned for four days. About 150 firefighters from 36 fire departments battled the fire.

Turner pleaded guilty in October to aiding and abetting arson and is scheduled to be sentenced next month.


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  • mshood7 Jan 12, 2011

    This kid or these kids just blew one of lifes rules for being a success at any job. It's called honesty, and responsiblity. Not only are you "punks" messed up, I don't want you anywhere near my house when and if a fire starts. Shame on you and I hope you will take this opportunity to confess and start to live your lives with honor and I hope you never get the opportunity again to fight a fire anywhere. This is a mark on you both. So after you serve your sentences go look for a service job or sling has the rest of your life so you will know what you did to screw yourselves from being a part of a team called FireFighters who do their job each day in the face of danger. Real fireFighters are men and not some whim of a punk kid who didn't have it but tried to pretend it was so. so long suckers!!

  • 2323 Jan 12, 2011

    How about find a part time job?

  • fireunclescam Jan 12, 2011

    Why is this a federal crime?

  • the people Jan 12, 2011

    Where there is one fire ,there is two fars!!!! 3,and 4,5,6 ETC!!!!!!!

  • the people Jan 12, 2011

    Bet it is not the 1 st time they smoked some thing!!!!! How many other fires in area past few years???? Hmmmmm??????

  • miss Q B Jan 12, 2011

    Why didn't at least one of the three say "Wait a minute. This may not be a good idea"?

    Prob because they came up with this idea while sitting around in a cirle in a basement, just like on "That 70's Show" :)
    I mean you really have to be outta your mind to create a stupid plan like this. This is about as dumb as it gets. I'd rather be broke and behind on bills!!

  • Wiser_now Jan 12, 2011

    Why didn't at least one of the three say "Wait a minute. This may not be a good idea"?

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jan 12, 2011

    Whatever happened with the MANY abandoned houses burned in Johnston County? Is that still going on? Or has it died down?

  • wdweveryyear Jan 12, 2011

    that's gonna cost a few pennies in restitution. i'll betcha

  • braddavis Jan 12, 2011

    because getting a real job was too difficult?