North Carolina State Fair

NC State Fair 2017: Visit WRAL

Posted October 5, 2015
Updated 6:36 a.m. yesterday

WRAL Chief meteorologist visits with fans at the WRAL tent. Photo by CHRIS BAIRD

Come by the WRAL tent, on the northeast side of Dorton Arena facing restaurant row, and say "Hi" to your friends from WRAL-TV at the North Carolina State Fair!

Thursday, October 12
3:30-5:30pm: Bill Leslie
7-9p: Dr. Allen Mask

Friday, October 13
11:30a-1:30p: Gerald Owens
1:30-3:30p: Scott Mason, Tar Heel Traveler
3:30-5:30p: Renee Chou
7-9p: Debra Morgan

Saturday, October 14
11:30a-1:30p: Renee Chou
1:30-3:30p: Greg Fishel
5pm-7pm: Gina Benitez
7-9p: Jeff Gravley

Sunday, October 15
11:30a-1:30p: Debra Morgan
1:30-3:30p: Lena Tillett
3:30-5:30p: Mike Maze
7-9p: Greg Fishel

Monday, October 16
11:30a-1:30p: Mike Moss
1:30-3:30p: Ken Smith
3:30-5:30p: Gina Benitez
7-9p: David Crabtree

Tuesday, October 17
11:30a-3:30p: Aimee Wilmoth
3:30-5:30p: Scott Mason, Tar Heel Traveler
7-9p: Jeff Gravley and Mary Dunleavy

Wednesday, October 18
11:30a-1:30p: Mike Moss
1:30-3:30p: Elizabeth Gardner
3:30-5:30p: Mary Dunleavy
7-9p: Lynda Loveland

Thursday, October 19
10:30-11:30a: Smart Shopper & Go Ask Mom
11:30a-1:30pm: Ken Smith
​11:30a-1:30p: Monica Laliberte
7-9p: Scott Mason

Friday, October 20
11:30a-1:30p: Gerald Owens and Lynda Loveland
1:30-3:30p: Brian Shrader
3:30-5:30p: Scott Mason
7-9p: Lena Tillet

Saturday, October 21
11:30a-1:30p: Brian Shrader
1:30-3:30p: David Crabtree
5pm-7pm: Scott Mason
7-9p: Kathryn Brown

Sunday, October 22
11:30a-1:30p: Elizabeth Gardner
1:30-3:30p: Mke Maze
3:30-5:30p: Scott Mason
7-9p: Kathryn Brown


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