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Vishwa Shanthi Yagam held in Cary

Posted September 14, 2008

— Thousands of people gathered Sunday for a religious event in Cary.

Vishwa Shanthi Yagam, a ceremony designed to foster world peace, was held at Cary's Sri Venkateswara Temple.

Twenty-one priests from all over the country came to the four-day event. This was the first time Vishwa Shanthi Yagam was held in North Carolina.

Organizers estimate roughly 5,000 people attended the event.


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  • m0nky Sep 15, 2008

    yea the article is really lacking in any kind of background information whatsoever. it sounds like it would be interesting, but instead the article leaves me going "wha??"

  • Ol Forrester Sep 15, 2008

    Doesn't a gathering for "World Peace" deserve better coverage than this? Shame on WRAL ! ! !

  • Jeremiah Sep 15, 2008

    anybody know anything about this temple or religion? i've never heard of it.

  • whocares Sep 15, 2008

    People in other countries, not the US, do not put their elderly in nursing homes. They take care of their family at home. Family is the most important thing to them.

  • anneonymousone Sep 15, 2008

    NCGuy, until the industrial revolution and WWI, most families in the US of all ethnicities lived in multi-generational households.

    I am wondering at the "I think theyre [sic] all programmers" comment. Were you asking a question, making a generalization, or waving around a stereotype of some sort looking for someone to salute? The comment just seems odd to me.

  • wralgolo Sep 15, 2008

    ncguy: doesn't sound like a bad idea. That way the grandparents and grandchildren get to know each other and they don't have to stay in nursing homes. :)

  • bs101fly Sep 15, 2008

    VishaSahntaYaga WHAT?