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Violent crime down, property crime up in Durham

Posted March 6, 2014

Durham Police Department generic

— Overall violent crime decreased slightly in Durham in 2013 as property crimes increased marginally, according to the Durham Police Department’s annual report, released Thursday.

Homicide detectives worked 30 cases last year, 9 more than in 2012. Reported rapes rose by 40 percent, but the department said the increase was due to a change in FBI reporting standards.

Aggravated assaults decreased 12 percent while robberies fell 2 percent to 607, a 23 year low, the department said.

Burglaries increased by 2 percent while larcenies were up 8 percent and vehicle thefts rose 4 percent. The majority of property crimes were from shoplifting and vehicles – each making up 26 percent of all property crimes.

While Durham police’s clearance rates for violent and property crimes were above the FBI’s, the department's homicide clearance rate dropped from 90.5 percent in 2012 to 60 percent in 2013 – the biggest drop among the agency’s clearance rates.

The department continues to see success with Operation Bull’s Eye. The effort, started in 2007, focuses on a 2 square mile area in East Durham that accounted for nearly 20 percent of the city’s violent gun crime, sound of shots fired calls and validated gang members.

To date, the effort has led to:

- Overall violent crime down by 46 percent
- Drug calls down by 42 percent
- Violent gun crime down by 46 percent
- Sound of shots fired calls down by 53 percent
- Prostitution calls down by 61 percent

Durham police also dealt with a number of high profile incidents in 2013, including the death of Jesus "Chuy" Huerta, 17, in November while in police custody and the mistaken arrest of a N.C. Central University student.


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  • iopsyc Mar 10, 2014

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    Dude, I wasn't responding to you, so relax and take time to read my post again.

  • raleighboy524 Mar 7, 2014

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    You falsely assume that someone who killed someone else non-randomly would not kill again to elude capture or take and kill hostages to elude capture. All killings are cause for concern.

  • areyououtofyourmind Mar 7, 2014

    "Read the report and you'll see that Homicide and Rape are two of the four types of crimes lumped under "violent crime"

    I love people that say Read the article while ignoring facts FROM the article. Here's a quote:

    "homicide clearance rate dropped from 90.5 percent in 2012 to 60 percent in 2013"

    So, how is my analysis wrong exactly?

  • Boogalooboy Mar 7, 2014

    They must not be reading the Herald Sun, we had 3 shootings in 1 hr a couple of week ago... by up scaling uptown they have pushed the shootings in the same type neighborhoods which some may consider good or bad... and they didn't mention a lot of the property damage was in the Police Headquarters parking lot..

  • ncprr1 Mar 7, 2014

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    The math that they teach in journalism school must be different that the math that they taught us in engineering...so I won't question it.

  • Rod Runner Mar 7, 2014
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    Are you still afraid when a murder is not random then? The Durham police or any police are not wrong in this assessment. I am not scared when a friend kills another "friend." Nor am I scared when a husband kills a wife or vice versa. These crimes don't affect me directly, nor will they.

    If they told us that a random killer was going around town and just shooting people on the street, then I may decide not to go out except to work until this person is stopped or caught.

    If they tell us that a man was killed by his cousin that ran away to Florida, it wouldn't affect how I feel day to day.

    How exactly is Durham out of touch about non-random killings? I don't get your logic.

  • Vincent Vega Mar 7, 2014

    +43% Homicide +40 Rape, yep everything is hunky dory. Nothing to see here, move along, we are headed in the right direction.

  • yankee1 Mar 7, 2014

    Reported rapes rose by 40 percent, but the department said the increase was due to a change in FBI reporting standards.......

    How do you change the definition of rape? I guess it's kinda like not calling those who have stopped looking for work unemployed. It's all in the numbers, right?

  • Greg Boop Mar 7, 2014
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    It is good to see the trend of violent crime in Durham is down and improvements are being made.

  • adamcikc Mar 7, 2014

    Who's going to question the police? They run this county... And don't question their authority.
    Funny, when the police report things like stats in an odd way everyone seems to question them, but when they blatantly use excessive force, the same people are standing behind them...