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Vet rides to spread word of soldier's valor

Posted May 26, 2014

— Harry Conner was so moved by the sacrifice of Sgt. First Class Alwyn Cashe that he decided to make one of his own. Cashe deserves the Medal of Honor, Conner believes, and he is putting pedal to the metal to prove it.

Conner is biking from Cashe's final resting place in Florida up the east coast to New York City.

By Monday, when the national stopped to mourn its war dead, Conner had 830 miles behind him and a lot more map to go. 

When he started, Conner knew little about cycling. "Absolutely zero,” he said.

When the road seems long or lonely, Conner thinks about Cashe. 

"His heroism and bravery struck me so much,” Conner said.

Cashe was serving in Iraq in 2005 when his vehicle was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device. Fuel spread flames everywhere.

“Yet he went back to a burning vehicle,” Conner said. 

Cashe saved fellow soldiers, pulling them from the fire. With each trip, Cashe himself was burned over and over. He later died from his injuries.

“The fact that he was willing to basically allow himself to burn to death to try to save his brothers in arms, it was just a remarkable story to me,” Conner said.

Cashe was awarded the Silver Star for Valor. Conner, a former soldier himself, thinks Cashe deserves the Medal of Honor, the military's highest honor. He and others have made the case for years, but Conner says it remains tied up in bureaucracy.

So Conner took his cause to the road. He gets support through donations, and shares his daily mileage, expenses and experiences through the Facebook group created to advance Cashe's cause.

Along the way, he shares Cashe's story with those he meets.

“I am convinced I can do it," Conner said. "I keep saying my prayers, and, God willing, I will make it to New York.”


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  • ncdime1235 May 27, 2014

    What an honorable thing to do. SFC Alwyn Cashe deserves the Medal of Honor. How many other people would have done what he did. Kudos to you Mr. Conner. We need more like you and less like some who commented here. May God bless you and keep you safe on your journey.

  • Terry Watts May 27, 2014
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    That would require the Trolls to come out from under their bridges...

  • Michael Clay May 27, 2014
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    I couldn't have said it better.

  • 82ndAAHeel May 27, 2014

    For those you making suggestions of something better that he could do to bring awareness to the soldier's story, how about stepping up show us you could do a better job.

  • Obamacare returns again May 27, 2014

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    Agreed. Also, he could have put a sign on his Buick and driven to DC.

  • bmac813 May 27, 2014

    Couldn't you think of anything Better. God be with the Man.

  • lsdhome May 27, 2014

    Admiral Tarrant could have been speaking of Alwyn Cashe when he asked: "Where do we get such men?"

  • shellrocks2000 May 27, 2014

    God Speed!

  • AConservativePerson May 27, 2014

    Good luck to him! SFC Cashe is riding along in spirit!

  • sinenomine May 27, 2014

    Mr. Conner would have a better chance of meeting his goal if he wore a bike helmet.