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Vehicle hits jogger in Sanford

Posted September 11, 2012
Updated September 12, 2012

— A vehicle hit a jogger in Sanford Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The jogger, who name and condition were not released, was airlifted to Duke University Hospital in Durham. 

The accident happened on Wicker Street near Timberwood Apartments, police said.


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  • lalaloo Sep 12, 2012

    Was this the redheaded nurse that used to work for Dr. Torgerson? I see her jogging there almost everyday.

  • emtsrock Sep 12, 2012

    " Roads are for vehicles, not bikes and joggers." - heels21
    Wow, you must not ever run over a mile. Our trail is only a mile and doing that over and over gets old. This jogger is an avid runner and takes this route all the time. I believe this was not the runner, nor the drivers fault. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Believe it or not..accidents happen! If you've ever driven through there around 5:45pm you would notice the sun plays a big factor in being able to see around the curve if you are heading towards hwy 1. I've had trouble myself at times and I've lived in this area for over 15 years.

  • funnyohiogirl81 Sep 12, 2012

    I know that there are no sidewalks, crosswalks or intersections where the runner was hit. It was not dark outside. Yes the speed limit is 35mph in the area where she was hit, and I do know that most people do ignore the speed limit, because it goes up to 45 up the street.

  • heels21 Sep 12, 2012

    You suspect wrong of me. How bout this: walk on a trail.

  • heels21 Sep 12, 2012

    If a bike is a vehicle then why do you not pay a vehicle tax on that bike? A vehicle tax is what is paid to be able to drive on the road. Second it is "Sanford" no silent D. I know because I drive by this loation every day. There are zero crosswalks. So thats eliminates your claim to a right of way with a crosswalk. Second I do not drive a tin can either. If I did I would pay a tax on that tin can and if I got hit in it I would at least be on a road designed for a vehicle. I would not be hit in my tin can on a walking trail. Anything else?

  • tri1234 Sep 12, 2012

    Then if the jogger is raped on the trail, you'll say she should have stayed in a more public area. No, wait, she should stay on her couch, armed, while wearing a burka. Somehow if something happens to her there I suspect you would still find a way to blame the victim. How about this: don't hit people with cars.

  • JohnnyMcRonny Sep 12, 2012

    " Roads are for vehicles, not bikes and joggers." - heels21

    Actually, yes they are and a bike IS a vehicle - duh. If people learned to drive properly, bike properly and walk/jog/run properly then the problem may be solved. Arrogance won't do it. And what information do you have about this incident that others don't? How do you know that "in Sandford" means beside a park? How do you know the jogger wasn't crossing at a crosswalk correctly (on the to/from the park you claim to be nearby) and the driver didn't yield? Pedestrians have absolutely priority at crosswalks in this state. Classic intolerant reaction that shows up here all to often when a car is involved with a different kind of vehicle. What if an 18-wheeler hit you in your little tin box? I doubt you'd be claiming roads are for big trucks and squashy little metal cars shouldn't be on the road.

  • heels21 Sep 12, 2012

    I feel sorry for the victim and their family. Roads are for vehicles, not bikes and joggers. This is right beside a park with a walking trail. How many times do you see bikers/joggers getting hit by a vehicle while they are on a designated trail versus when they are on the highways and roads? Problem solved.

  • lalaloo Sep 12, 2012

    One mile over the speed limit? You must be planning on paying much more in taxes to hire officers to do all this stopping of drivers over one mile per hour. Can you not imagine the man power that would take?

  • oldrebel Sep 12, 2012

    That stretch of roadway is next to walking and riding trails that have no motorized vehicles available. However there is a rather sharp curve thru the stretch also, yet there is a 35 MPH limit, which is ignored by most motorists. Again we see speeders (if that is the case here) should be stopped and fined if they are even One mile per hour over the posted limit. No exceptions.