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Vehicle carrying WWII era mortar rounds stopped on Fort Bragg

Posted June 8, 2010

— A vehicle carrying three World War II era bazooka-type mortar rounds was stopped trying to enter Fort Bragg on Tuesday morning, Fort Bragg Major Kristian Sorenson said.

A defense contractor traveling on post around 10 a.m. was brought in for questioning by military police and the FBI, which is standard procedure, Sorenson said. The mortars, which were not live rounds, were found in the trunk of the vehicle.

The explosive disposal team removed and disposed of the mortars.

It is unknown why the contractor, whose name was not released, had the rounds.

Traffic on the All American Freeway heading toward Fort Bragg was briefly diverted onto Sante Fe Drive, police said.

The road was reopened just after 12:30 p.m.


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  • mshood7 Jun 8, 2010

    "Better safe than sorry." No problem....

  • larky74406 Jun 8, 2010

    "They were not live rounds."

  • I know some stuff Jun 8, 2010

    yet another fine example, of lousy WRAL reporting. Maybe I'll start reading the 'other networks' sites. When there's more speculation than fact, you know you've written a poor article.

  • ghimmy51 Jun 8, 2010

    Duh. What do they think DEFENSE contractors deal in? Lollipops? Although old there's a lot of interest in this type of thing. I'd like to get a look at one myself.

  • mpheels Jun 8, 2010

    Another vote for the found it and didn't know what to do theory...

  • Wade Land Jun 8, 2010

    "a defense contractor"... most of the defense contractors around Ft Bragg are retired US Military (not all, but most).

  • wildcat Jun 8, 2010

    Great jobs guys. Keeping America safe.

  • poohpdoo2002 Jun 8, 2010

    It's like momma always used to say..."If you see a gun, don't pick it up!" Same applied to ammunition! Call the police! That's what the bomb squad is for!

  • darlenerivera2000 Jun 8, 2010

    IS hot out there, so the people are going crazy with this heat.

  • poohpdoo2002 Jun 8, 2010

    Well, I believe a person who was thinking reasonably would have contacted the authorities when they first found it. Who in their right mind would ride around with that in their car? Obviously someone who is either completely clueless or someone who thought they could talk security into letting them through with a piece of ammunition in their vehicle. ...duh!