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Vance sheriff's daughter to fight DWI charge

Posted October 30, 2008
Updated October 31, 2008

— The daughter of Vance County Sheriff Peter White plans to fight a DWI charge.

Shahita White, 34, made a brief court appearance Thursday where her attorney, Butch Williams, requested her case go to trial.

Authorities charged Shahita White in July with DWI, more than three months after deputies stopped her near Henderson after drivers called 911 to report a sport utility vehicle swerving through traffic as it headed the wrong way on U.S. Highway 1. Callers said the driver appeared to be drunk.

Deputies who had stopped her called radio dispatchers, saying Shahita White was "blistered" and asking that the sheriff be notified. He later picked up his daughter up from the scene, and she was charged with reckless driving.

Vance County District Attorney Sam Currin initially said he could not pursue drunken-driving charges against her because no roadside sobriety test had been administered.

Later, however, he asked the State Bureau of Investigation review the case after WRAL News uncovered internal memos filed by two Henderson police officers who participated the March 23 traffic stop.

The officers wrote that Shahita White slapped a deputy's arm and refused to cooperate with a second sobriety test after a first one failed to register a reading. They described her as smelling of alcohol, being unsteady on her feet, slurring her speech and having red, glassy eyes.

She pleaded guilty in May to the reckless driving charge and was given a 30-day suspended sentence and placed on unsupervised probation for a year.

No date was set for the DWI trial.


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  • Cricket at the lake Oct 31, 2008

    ncmech, "chances are she was drunk but that really doesn't matter". What if she had killed someone you loved that night? Bet it would matter more then. "Discipline the officers"? What? You have got to be married to the Sheriff's daughter or have some real close connection to come out with that one. To those officers I say, "thank you for your service".

  • mittmitt Oct 31, 2008

    Why do people who get arrested for DWI fight the charges?

    Really, they should be using their experience as a wake-up call, and learning from it.

    What is there to prove? You got drunk, and got behind the wheel. You're enormously blessed that you didn't kill or seriously injure someone.

    Grow up and learn from your mistakes instead of trying to make excuses.

  • teacher-mom Oct 31, 2008

    Even if she gets off for this, she will do it again. Next time, she may not be so lucky. I feel sorry for those who are responsible for putting a drunk driver on the road. When she kills or maims someone, it will be too late.

  • hpr641 Oct 31, 2008

    You're a city police officer and pull over a reported and suspected drunk driver. You then realize she is your small county's sheriff's daughter. Do you: A) Call her father and let him take "the appropriate action(s)"? or B) First call for a SHP trooper to come and observe, so that you have a reliable and independent witness that she was treated fairly and justly (and then call her father from the squad car, while you're en route towards him and the county lockup).

    Wow, that's a tough one isn't it? Of course, if your city's police chief (thus, your ultimate boss) is really good friends with the sheriff, maybe it really IS a tough one.

  • Cricket at the lake Oct 31, 2008

    She is lucky that all she was charged with was a DUI. It is wrong for her to contest those charges. Can I expect the same treatment as Ms. White if I am driving home from my job in Henderson drunk? Can I just call my Daddy to pick me up after I have assaulted the police officers that have stopped me after I have been driving on the wrong side of the road? This situation casts a huge black shadow over Henderson that nobody will address.

  • ncmech Oct 31, 2008

    Drop the case and save the taxpayers money already. Chances are she was drunk, but that doesnt really matter at this point. The entire stop/arrest/charge was mishandled so poorly I doubt that there's a chance of a conviction. No field sobriety test completed, much less a BAC reading? Reasonable doubt right there.

    Cut the losses, abort this trial, and pursue something worthwhile like disciplinary action against the officers that didnt follow procedure to prevent future occurrances.

  • alx Oct 31, 2008

    she is already above the law in the way she's been treated. Her father could have closed this page by having her treated by anyone else. However, she is now going to fight the charges.

  • CrewMax Oct 31, 2008

    My guess is they are going for jury nullification. This trial
    should be moved to a bigger pond with paying court costs being
    part of the potential penalty.

  • babyblue2 Oct 31, 2008

    she's no different than anyone else and not above the law simply because she is the sheriffs daughter. driving on the wrong side of the highway, drunk and resisting a drug test.she should have been arrested on the spot instead of calling daddy to come get her.

  • bill52674 Oct 31, 2008

    Just another situation of "the man" trying to go after a fine outstanding African American woman.

    Wait...Daddy is "the man". Charges dropped!!!!