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Vance Jail Needs $1.5M in Repairs

Posted April 8, 2008

— An architect told Vance County Commissioners Monday night that necessary upgrades to the jail will cost $1.5 million. The jail, the site of multiple escapes in recent years, needs improvements before it will pass state inspections.

Commissioners are loathe to increase taxes if they can find another way to raise the money, Chairman Danny Wright said. 

They commissioners are considering accepting federal prisoners, and the funds they would bring, as one idea to finance the repairs.


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  • Kingfish Apr 8, 2008

    This sounds like an attempt to draw attention away from the sherrif's daughter. She should be a resident of the same jail that is being discussed. According to the paper, hit and run, obvious dwi that was not charged, careless and reckless, driving the wrong way on a DIVIDED highway...and the list goes on and on. Deputies called the sherrif and told him she was "blistered", and nothing was done. Anyone else would be under the jail.

  • Kingfish Apr 8, 2008

    Spending the money on schools is important, but it will not fix the problems at the jail. The previous Sherrif repeatedly asked for funding to improve the jail, but was always turned down by the county commissioners. We need to start making it more difficult for the low life scum to get the suplemental income and subsidized housing. That will eliminate MOST of the problems here, (ie. drugs, gangs, and scum of the earth people that come here looking for a free hand out). GET A JOB!!! If we don't have the extremely high crime rate, we don't have as much need for improvements to the jail.

  • Conrad Apr 8, 2008

    The Vance county jail is 17 years old. I think they should do something to make it harder to escape, but I don't see spending 1.5 million to make it nicer for them. Spend that money on the schools and hopefully eliminate so many people being in the VCJ..

  • FromClayton Apr 8, 2008

    Run it like a business. If you need more money, pull it from somewhere else. Cut cable tv, internet, recreation equipment, food costs …whatever. We are too good to our inmates already. They committed a crime.

  • jbirdnc Apr 8, 2008

    And I thought their courthouse was for the most part, "state of the art." Sounds like to me they should borrow the money from the thriving gangs and thugs that run Henderson. They should round up a few that are hanging out at the local Wal-Mart, and ask for the funds.

    Another suggestion would to be to have agents investigate all the fraud from Social Security and welfare dependants also thriving in Vance County. They could scrounge up this money before tomorrow afternoon!

  • MizzZeta Apr 8, 2008

    I thought this jail was less than 10 years old? Why does it need such extensive repairs?