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Vance deputy facing drug charge fired

Posted October 10, 2008

— A Vance County deputy charged with a drug offense has been fired, authorities said.

Deputy Anthony William Griffin, 24, who had worked with the Vance County Sheriff's Office since August 2007, was stopped at about 3 a.m. Thursday because a Henderson police officer said he had run a red light on North Cooper Drive at Dabney Drive, authorities said.

The officer found one Oxycontin pill, a painkiller that has become a popular illegal narcotic, inside Griffin's car, authorities said.

Sheriff Peter White fired Griffin after the arrest, saying in a statement that "any behavior that constitutes a violation of the law is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."


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  • voiceofreason32 Oct 10, 2008

    I bet that city cop gets hired by the Sheriff...sounds like he was set up.

  • ERRN Oct 10, 2008

    He looks like a 15 year old boy who about to cry.

  • anonemoose Oct 10, 2008

    There is much more to this story, and I'm sure that it will come out in due time.

    And a little too late for not tolerating criminal behavior.

  • FE Oct 10, 2008

    There has got to me MUCH more to this story.

    Merely having one such tablet in the car, in and of itself, at worst would constitute a misdemeanor.

    Was he a user, a dealer, set up, or some perp dropped it there???


  • drh3102 Oct 10, 2008

    Let's see, Help me remember, Wasn't this one of the guys involved with the sheriff's daughter. Could it be payback for not keeping his mouth shut when they pulled her over. I find it hard to believe that the Henderson officer did not extend what is known as professional courtesy to this guy, once he pulled him over and found out he was a cop. Professional courtesy, you know cutting other officers some slack because they are all in the "brotherhood". Not saying this Professional courtsey is wrong because we would all do the same thing. Sounds like the sheriff got one of the guys off of his list.

  • MizzZeta Oct 10, 2008

    I find it odd that possessing one pill constitutes a drug charge. It will be interesting to hear more details. And, ditto what dronion99 said.

  • uncfan89 Oct 10, 2008

    One pill, was he under the influence when stopped, did they find it on his person or in the car? Seems like alot of missing information. Does he have a prescription for them does any one in his family, if so could it have been dropped in the car accidently? Just wondering seems there is more to the story.

  • bryan Oct 10, 2008

    One pill, wow.

  • babyblue2 Oct 10, 2008

    maybe the officer was legitimately taking the oxycontin for some sort of pain. we don't know all the facts of what happened. people are always so quick to jump the gun. BUT if in fact he was abusing the drug, then he needs some help, not firing him from his job.

  • duvler Oct 10, 2008

    I guess the zero tolerance only applies to people not related to Sheriff White....