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Vance Co. homeowner reports burglary

Posted May 26, 2010
Updated May 27, 2010

— Vance County sheriff's deputies searched a wooded area off Southern Mill Road Wednesday after a homeowner reported seeing a burglar leave his home.

The homeowner told law enforcement officers that he arrived home around 8 a.m. to see someone leaving his property. He followed the suspect until deputies arrived, then they picked up the chase.

The suspect crashed his car in a ditch and fled into the woods, deputies said. Sheriff Peter White said authorities have identified the suspect and expect to apprehend him.


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  • colliedave May 27, 2010

    Guess the WRAL "news" department need some filler space. Sometimes I think the department is staffed with high school journalism students.

  • Kingfish May 27, 2010

    I live in Vance County. This is not new. It happens a lot in this county. Crime is out of control and will not get better until law makers punish criminals. When all they do is a pat on the hand ( not even a slap on the wrist), criminals don't mind the risk of getting arrested. Let's get back to chain gangs and true PUNISHMENT!!! Force them to live in an uncomfortable jail without TV and AC or heat. Beat them with whips for their first offense. THAT will make an impression on them.

  • rargos May 27, 2010

    Why not report the rash of break-ins in my neighborhood here in North Raleigh?

    Talking to Raleigh PD, the number of burglaries is WAY up across the area, but people don't step up precautions because the news (like this story) reports buglaries and break-ins as if they were rare events.

  • crustyhalo May 27, 2010

    Why did this deserve to be in the news..I live in Granville Co and right now my area has been slammed with B & E 's and lareceny's to residential homes...so what makes this one different ? I dont understand WRAL most of the time