Urgent Specialists

Posted March 14

Urgent Specialists is an urgent care facility serving the Tucson, Arizona area. The practice has board-certified doctors and licensed nurse practitioners capable of treating a broad spectrum of conditions. Urgent Specialists has providers with expert knowledge for conditions of the ear, nose, throat, eye, bone and muscle as well as treatment and diagnosis of common conditions.

The presence of specialists at an urgent care facility allows for treatment of a greater range of injuries and ailments on site. Services are provided with the latest in medical technology and training available in each of the respective specialties. Two doctors on staff, Robert Dean and David Parry, are otolaryngologists, specialists on ear, nose and throat conditions, and Jason Levine is an opthamologist, focusing on eyes. Many visits to an urgent care facility involve the head and neck, which, due to these physicians, Urgent Specialists have the ability to treat on site.

Dr. Timothy Dixon, an orthopedic surgeon, is also on staff, allowing for immediate treatment of broken bones, torn muscles and other similar conditions. Urgent Specialists has nurse practitioners, as well, each with over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients quickly and efficiently.

Urgent Specialists seeks to fill the gap between urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. Both are meant to provide quick care but one does so in a broad and low-cost way, while the other does so in a specialized but expensive way. Urgent Specialists, however, provides specialized care in a quick and inexpensive manner. For life-saving care, please continue to use the emergency room.