More out-of-staters arrested in latest protest

Posted July 2, 2013

— Monday night marked the ninth "Moral Monday" protest led by the NAACP, and a review of arrest records showed a noteworthy uptick in the number of out-of-state residents taken into custody. 

Of 82 people arrested Monday, documents show 11, or 8.5 percent, were from out of state. Of those 11, seven were from New York, and one each was from New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona and Texas.

Early on in the protest movement, politicians who were the subject of the demonstrations questioned whether "outsiders" were driving the outrage. Through the first six weeks of protests, only 2 percent of those arrested were from out of state. 

Those arrested this week brings the total number of those from out of state up to 19 of 687. That's about 3 percent of the total arrested over nine weeks, including several Wednesday protests related to the movement.


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  • erospawn Jul 9, 2013

    @ rlsmith5 -- I'd love to you see try. because you'll have a fight on your hands.

  • greg69innc Jul 5, 2013

    The Republican GA is acting responsibly. The decisions they are making is hard on the unemployed but NC cannot keep kicking a can down the road and hope to see the state's economy improve. Voter ID is acting responsibly. Once the people of this state can grasp the concept of responsibility then we will see our state economy and well being improve that is for sure

  • Wheelman Jul 3, 2013

    Just because there haven't been as many out of staters arrested doesn't mean there haven't been more who are involved. It's eay to manipulate the numbers if you decide before had who is going to get arrested. Maybe they should just hold those from out of state in jail until someone from their state comes to get them and take them home since they have no business or standing in our state's government.

  • rushbot Jul 3, 2013

    Good..we need this to be seen by all of America..

  • rushbot Jul 3, 2013

    so the republicons are ok with out of state carpet bagging money from the Kansas Koch brothers but not the physical presence of out of staters..they are hypocrites...

  • ladyliberty1885 Jul 3, 2013

    "Documents Show"?
    Please provide said documents.

  • Tax Man Jul 2, 2013

    Since they are from out of state they cannot vote here anyway so the folks in power need to just ignore them until they go away or their legal expenses become too burdensome. We put these folks in power in NC to do exactly what they are doing and we commend them for it! The amoral Barber needs to take it across the street and stay our of our Capital! He is a trespasser and a criminal. He lacks significance in his race baiting little life! We applaud and commend the GA and what they are doing to help NC!

  • jackjones2nc Jul 2, 2013

    Those who may have been from out-of-state were likely guests rather than provokers. To see who's "driving the outrage", our Republicans can just look in the mirror.

  • rlsmith5 Jul 2, 2013

    I would love to see them protest like the people in Egypt are doing and let the Legislature know how poor a job they are ALL doing.