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Update: Kroger buying Harris Teeter with letter from HT President

Posted July 9, 2013


According to a press release on HarrisTeeter.com, Kroger is buying the Harris Teeter chain in a $2.5 billion deal. 

The release indicates that Harris Teeter  will operate as a subsidiary of The Kroger Co. It will retain the Harris Teeter name and key members of senior management will still be located in Matthews, NC.  There are no plans to close stores.   Kroger is paying $49.38 per share for the grocery chain.

Update: For a letter regarding the sale from the President and CEO of Harris Teeter, see their website HERE.

What do you think this will mean for Harris Teeter shoppers?


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  • luvstoQ Jul 11, 2013

    Kroger, of all chains!!!!!!!! Can only hope for the best - AND expect the least - I don't like or trust Kroger! ;-(

  • everylittlebithelps Jul 11, 2013

    so my question is, after getting the lovely but not very explaining letter from the HT president in my email....Now that HT is basically going to be owned by Kroger and become either a Kroger+ or an HT-, Will HT honour the Kroger customer coupons I get in the mail? If they will honour and I can use the Coupons interchangeably, will the Kroger coupons Double at HT?
    Kroger can be a good place to shop and I love the 10cents off gallon of gas feature....but not being allowed to stack coupons nor double them....leaves me having to shop at more than one store way too often.

    Oh and I am just thrilled that the Publix is part of that huge community living and shopping project going on down the road on Davis! When that opens.....well my shopping dilemmas may all just be solved then.

  • laurenrosenberg22 Jul 11, 2013

    I was at the harris teeter at north ridge last night around 7:30ish and the store was EMPTY. I was shocked I have never seen harris teeter that dead especially during super doubles I couldn't believe it

  • cassandrastr Jul 10, 2013

    One thing that I am curious about is if Kroger is using this as a business opportunity to make money or if they are going to use Harris Teeter as a benchmarking opportunity. To see what works with Harris Teeter, what they are doing right and what of those aspects can be implemented into their other Kroger stores. If they leave Harris Teeter as is and learn from their business practices I think that it could improve the other Kroger stores as well as possibly bring lower prices to Harris Teeter.

  • scoutmomof2 Jul 10, 2013

    This is the question and the answer I got on the HT facebook page (do I believe it, we shall see)

    But that doesn't address the question of the coupon policy or sales that everyone is asking. Wouldn't Kroger want to know how many of us would stop shopping there if those changed prior to the actual sale? I know I would as an investor.

    9 hours ago · Like · 1..

    Harris Teeter: Harris Teeter plans to continue to offer you the same great service and promotions you have been receiving from your Harris Teeter. Thank you for being a loyal shopper!

  • greymomma Jul 10, 2013


  • claytonsaver Jul 10, 2013

    Since I do not have an HT near me (yet) I rarely go there but it was my store of choice back when I lived in another county.
    I have lots of family in Ohio and am always awed by the dairy prices there, such as 1/2 gallons of milk, 16 oz. cottage cheese, or 16 of fat free vegetable dip each for $1.00 frequently. Currently, we do not get these dairy deals in our region, but if Kroger had more stores...??? A girl can hope can't she?

  • watchhillgirl Jul 10, 2013

    Thanks for the heads up. I can't wait for this store to open! I can't wait to meet Jack. I hope it does well in our town, but now with the sale to Kroger, I have to wonder. Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

  • therays2000 Jul 9, 2013

    It is devastating to me to hear Kroger bought HT. HT has had more deals and sales than any other store.

  • DianeNC Jul 9, 2013

    Some of the existing Kroger stores out there may be clean and have decent customer service (my local one isn't,) but it just doesn't make up for their not doubling coupons at all anymore (yet continuing to have prices the same or in some cases higher than HT, contrary to what their new marketing message states.)

    As others have posted, although HT's prices may be high in some cases, the fact that they double coupons (or Super Double them), AND allow customers to use manufacturer coupons with store coupons, make the end result not only lower out of pocket costs, but in many cases totally free items.

    Just no comparison, in my opinion, when you look at these particular aspects of the two stores.