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Some Wake schools calls go to non-parents

Posted January 29, 2013
Updated January 30, 2013

Wake County Public School System

— Some Wake County residents were surprised recently to get an emergency call from the public school system. Several of them told WRAL News that they were called by mistake, no longer have a child in the system or never did.

According to a WCPSS spokesman, the calls are automated and pull from a database of contact numbers. Each family can list up to five. When people move, students graduate or individuals change cellphones, it can result in an incorrect number on file, yielding the unexpected calls.

Visit the parents page on the Wake County Public School System's website and click "Stay Informed" to remove a phone number from the list.


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  • kikinc Feb 1, 2013

    deb-I don't think anyone's complaining. Just stating that we were wondering why we got that call. I really didn't care either way. It didn't bother me.

  • Deb1003 Jan 31, 2013

    I got two calls, one for my own child and another because I'm someone's emergency number. I'm not complaining about getting two calls and a year from now, I won't complain if I get one, or two since my youngest will be graduating this spring. Why is it that people just seem to thrive on complaining? The automated message system was set up to keep all families/contacts of students informed of the latest news.

  • Wheelman Jan 31, 2013

    Haven't had any kids in school for years and I got one. I haven't been getting them so I think they have a bug in their system.

  • avidreader Jan 30, 2013

    You would not believe how many parents fail to update phone numbers - my guess is these people do not want to be contacted by the school and do not want to be called when their kids are sick. If you receive these calls just call the school and ask them to remove your number from the list - this also helps the school track down a working number if the child still attends the school.

  • mewubbau Jan 30, 2013

    archmaker---yes those "robo" calls always come up as Goldsboro on my phone, but now I know the number, so I decide whether I want to pick it up or let it go to VM.

  • kikinc Jan 30, 2013

    I got the call Sunday night about the delayed opening on Monday. I don't have kids, so I definitely don't have one in the WCPSS. I'm wondering if someone has me as an emergency contact. If so, they probably should have let me know.

  • smprit Jan 30, 2013

    I’m curious why Sunday night a different list of phone numbers was used from the normal list? Emergency numbers (cell phones and grandparents) were used rather than the home number. The home number was used Friday to notify me of the earlier release and has been used every Sunday for the Principal’s weekly message.

  • archmaker Jan 30, 2013

    did anybody else notice that caller id identified the call as coming from goldsboro, nc? i let it go to voicemail because i didn't have a clue who it might be.

  • yorky1966 Jan 30, 2013

    I was wondering why I received that call on Sunday night. I have never had a child in WCPS but I am on an emergency call list for my godson.