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Unlicensed driver charged in fatal Johnston County crash

Posted October 29, 2008

— An unlicensed driver has been charged in a crash that claimed the life of of a Benson man Oct. 25.

Jorge Luis Soto Jr., 16, of Newton Grove, was trying to pass when he hit a motorcycle head-on on Strickland Crossroads in Johnston County, a spokesman from the Highway Patrol said. Soto's speed was estimated at 65 mph.

John Andrews Blackman, 44, died in the crash.

Soto was charged with reckless driving, misdemeanor death by vehicle and driving without a license.


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  • Obscurite Oct 31, 2008

    "It seems pretty clear. People who don't care and don't follow the rules. What's not to understand?" fl2nc2ca2md2nc

    If that is the case fine, if "these people" was an ethnic generalization based on the persons identity, then not fine...that's the reason for the question...

    If the question was straight forward and "these people" are just people that break the law, then it is a stupid question to begin with. States & governments have laws and law enforcement. Petitioning the "Governor/President" to "do something" about people breaking laws alreading in exisitence is what? logical? Its a local enforcement issue.

    If the question was not so straight forward and jkstrailers is basing the question on the person's ethnic background and the need for immigration reform (clearly items for the Governor/President), then I have a real issue with the question as there is nothing in the article to suggest the person's status is other than legal.

  • pony35 Oct 30, 2008

    John B. was my cousin and this is one of the biggest tragedies my family has ever faced. I really just want to say that John was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother and son. He was one in a million. Ride and Rest in peace!! We love you!!!

  • wllmbraskey Oct 30, 2008

    Am I reading these posts right? Are some of you saying having a drivers license would not have prevented this accident. I see mexicans driving around all the time that obviously have no clue of even the most basic of traffic laws, those of us that have a license at least know "some of the rules of the road" not that it helps a great deal really.

  • ignc73 Oct 30, 2008

    lizard: Not true. The US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet, and an average rate of crime. Do you have any proof that prisons lower the crime rate, or did you just make that up?

  • lizard Oct 30, 2008

    ignc - actually we need more prisons. Lowers the crime rate.

  • seeingthru Oct 30, 2008

    lordie---again? what's mew?

  • oldschooltarheel Oct 30, 2008

    Without the license on his person he should not have been driving at all! yet another privilege morphing into a "right". I strongly suspect this is not the first law broken either - not the the Korrectness Korps will allow further investigation or action. Let's see if that $2500 secured bond winds up in the public coffers... taking odds now.

  • ignc73 Oct 30, 2008

    oldschooltarheel: So, if he had a license in his wallet, then he wouldn't have hit that person? That doesn't really make any logical sense, as far as I can tell. A license has no impact over a foot on an accelerator.

  • oldschooltarheel Oct 30, 2008

    ignc - you really think being unlicensed is not germane? Really? Do you think the driver was "pre-destined" to kill the oncoming driver? What, what, what?

  • ignc73 Oct 30, 2008

    Rev. RB: The US has more people in prison than EVERY OTHER NATION ON THE PLANET COMBINED. Most countries consider the US (rightly so) for locking up so many people for such long periods of time. Prisons help nothing.