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UNC warns: Convicted assailant may return to campus

Posted September 20, 2013

— Public safety officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued a campus warning Friday afternoon for a man who has a history of assault and trespassing there.

Christopher Jermain Deas, 37, was arrested at UNC-CH in 2011 on charges of assault on a female and trespassing. He was recently arrested at UNC-Greensboro, but is out on bond. According to UNC Public Safety, Deas "is known to return to and frequent campuses."

UNC campus-wide alert for man with history of assault UNC campus-wide alert for man with history of assault

"It can be scary because people like that are walking around, but you have to be safe," said UNC Freshman Komal Gandhi. "Everyone knows we need to watch out for somebody."

In an email alert sent to students and campus employees, UNC Public Safety described Deas as "a potentially dangerous person." 

Despite the campus-wide alert students say they continue to feel safe. 

"I think it's about making smart decisions at night when you go out. You always have to have someone with you," said Maya Kiel, a junior at UNC. 

The university released a photo of Deas and said he is thought to drive a Honda Civic with North Carolina license plate ZSP-3472. Anyone who sees him on campus or in Chapel Hill is asked to call 911.



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  • beachboater Sep 23, 2013

    Since he is already out, he should be locked up for a long time if he's caught again. Has he done anything other than feeling feet?

  • PITNSMOKE Sep 23, 2013

    Why can't our judges put a tracking device on all perverts!

  • determined2win Sep 20, 2013

    Okay. So this perv is out & about town... another failure of the justice system. My hope is that a female or group of females are approached by him, and that they resolve the issue...

  • carrboroyouth Sep 20, 2013

    What campus has this guy not been banned from? Obviously he has an issue and isn't stopping himself from acting on his fantasies.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Sep 20, 2013

    jcthai - "Who says the judge didn't?"

    The story doesn't say he has any restrictions whatsoever.

  • jbc268 Sep 20, 2013

    I knew this guy. He's as creepy as he looks. Since someone asked, he's about 5'5 and really muscular. He told me he was in the military, which wasn't true, but he has the build of a military guy so I believed him. He looks much younger than 37 - he could definitely pass as a college student. If you see him on campus, call him in. He'll be the one who starts a conversation about your feet...

  • SomeRandomGuy Sep 20, 2013

    "Anyone who sees him on campus or in Chapel Hill is asked to call 911"

    OK so if someone sees him in CH and NOT on UNCs campus, what are the police going to do?

  • monami Sep 20, 2013

    If he's dangerous, why is he out on bond?

  • buster102007 Sep 20, 2013

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — UNC-Greensboro Campus Police have banned a man from campus after they say he crawled under tables in the library computer lab and started feeling women’s feet.


  • sswogger Sep 20, 2013

    Isn't he the foot guy? I think I remember when he got bounced out of UNC CH for sneaking into classrooms and touching girls' feet. Yuck!