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UNC Pharmacy Director Demoted After Audit

Posted June 29, 2007

— The pharmacy director at UNC Hospitals was removed from his position Friday, one day after a state audit revealed he had double-billed the hospital system and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for travel expenses.

James C. McAllister III is still employed by UNC Hospitals, but he is no longer the pharmacy director, a spokeswoman said Friday.

The audit showed McAllister submitted expenses for reimbursement to both the university and the hospital for an airline ticket to Miami and for meals in Cincinnati on two business trips. He also was reimbursed for a trip his son took to Las Vegas, according to the audit.

The hospital and university also paid more than $3,400 for two cell phone lines, including one used by McAllister's son, the audit found.

Internal controls will be upgraded at both the hospital and the university, officials said.


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  • jetset Jun 29, 2007

    Do people not realize that eventually they will be caught? In time, all things done in a dishonest way will come to light.

  • Moo by you Jun 29, 2007

    Now that this has made the news, I expect something will happen, like he may resign. A lot goes on that never makes the news. Original receipts would have been required by both the UNC Hospital Travel departments and the UNC Travel Departments, so I don't know what he did, unless he delibertly requested duplicate receipts for these trips. The cell phone charges are just strange. When I worked there several years ago, the staff at that level did not have cell phones, nor did they need them for work related calls. Pharmacy staff who were on-call had pagers and lived locally, so if they were paged, they could just pick up their phone and return the call. Bottom Line - he tried to pull a fast one and he got caught. Shame on him for blaming the assistant.

  • jetset Jun 29, 2007

    MississippiMan.....I guess you are right. I just can't phathom someone lying, cheating or stealing but I know it happens. Again, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. And, I am so sorry for your situation. I pray that something good will come through for you.

  • str8-line Jun 29, 2007

    jetset, you asked why? GREED GREED GREED. This man makes more money than most but yet it is not enough.
    I am sitting here right now trying to figure out how I am going to pay my COBRA medical insurance bill and my house payment and at the same time making my wife think everything is OK.

  • ghimmy47 Jun 29, 2007

    Unacceptable. The guy is a willful thief. Fire him and prosecute.

  • jetset Jun 29, 2007

    I wonder why he would want to do this? I really don't think it was because he needed the money. Maybe it is all a big mistake. I hope so!!! I don't know this man either.

  • CozyCake Jun 29, 2007

    Who did the reimbursments? I know UNC-C is a big school but wouldn't those in charge of the reimbursment procedures notice the problem and stop the duplication? If they couldn't tell it makes me wonder if there was in greater deception...which would mean a greater need for a firing.

  • NCSarah Jun 29, 2007

    Okay isn't that considered stealing? So when is it okay to steal from a company and still be employed there??

  • Fandemonium Jun 29, 2007

    Sure appears that UNC-ch's administrative body is going to let this slide. Hmmmmmm. I wonder if his son had the necessary academic credentials for admission into pharmacy school or if he was "assisted" into UNC-ch. Must be a whole lot a back slapping going on over there...

  • Huey Jun 29, 2007

    I agree with HDBiker. Had this guy been a regular employee
    they would have fired him on the spot and he probably would
    be in jail or out on bond now. But, being a director, manager,
    or part of the ruling class at UNC-CH makes his treatment special.
    Two types of people are employed there - big people and little