UNC-Chapel Hill accreditation status remains unclear

Posted November 19, 2014

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— Six days after an accrediting organization sent a letter to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill officials regarding its review of an academic fraud investigation, school administrators haven't acknowledged whether the letter outlines any areas in which it was found to be out of compliance with accreditation standards.

Former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein released a 131-page report on Oct. 22 that showed academic advisers at UNC-Chapel Hill steered student-athletes for 18 years toward classes that never met and required only a short paper to pass.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools put the university on notice when claims of academic impropriety surfaced in 2011, and SACS president Belle Wheelan said her organization considered Wainstein's report as a new issue.

Faculty Chairman Dr. Bruce Cairns apologized Wednesday to the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees for the black eye the scandal has given the university, and he updated them on the reforms the school has undertaken and how faculty members are responding to Wainstein's findings.

"We are all still interested in reiterating what it is that we are here to do," said Cairns, the John Stackhouse Distinguished Professor of Surgery at the UNC School of Medicine. "We want to work with the administration and make sure that all of the issues that would be identified in the accreditation process are identified."

The university has until early January to respond to SACS, explaining what it's doing to come back into compliance. SACS will review that plan and determine if it is enough to comply with accreditation standards.


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  • Carol Smith Nov 20, 2014
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    UNC has not complied with accreditation standards.
    As an aside, it would be an improvement to get rid of Jim Dean. He has tried to sweep this under the rug for years. He brings a negative impression to the University.

  • John Ragan Nov 20, 2014
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    unc needs to put their big girl pants on and take their punishment....from the accreditation service and the NCAA

  • Gary Lasereyes Nov 20, 2014

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    then why all the scandals. if this place is as pristine as you are trying to make it sound then there needs to be some serious housecleaning. Because the people in charge over there have sullied this "great" institution reputation. Too bad you were as defensive when it was all going on as you are now that you are in damage control mode

  • Gary Lasereyes Nov 20, 2014

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    then why cant people with liberal arts degrees get jobs? You see em all "creating" images in your latte foam at Starbucks

  • jonesmw Nov 20, 2014

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    Sounds like your business needs skilled laborers. Community colleges are a great place to get those. Liberal arts institutions usually turn out workers who have to think, create, and innovate, not just workers to follow the boss' orders.

  • JimW Nov 20, 2014

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    Have you spent any time ever at UNC? So do the people who are doctors there helping sick kids at the cancer center worse off for going to UNC. Are the people at the school of social work who help underprivileged families worse off? Are the people who leave there to go into teaching to help kids learn worse off?

    All of you hate filled, ignorant people keep on showing your true colors. Thousands of people come out of UNC that aren't "liberals" at all each year. The student population at UNC is about as diverse as you could imagine, and includes conservative people as much as anything else. Folks like you are trying to paint UNC as some propaganda machine, when in fact it's a place that does a huge benefit to our society no different than any of the other schools such as Duke, State, Central, etc.

  • HeelFan4Life3 Nov 20, 2014

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    Ignorance posts like yours contradicts the point you are trying to make.

    How is that "no class" life working for ya?

  • HeelFan4Life3 Nov 20, 2014

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    Oh, if it is one department and 3100 students over 18 years at a school with 20k students, they deserve to lose acrreditation? You people....

    Nothing that has happened at UNC makes NCSU look any better, sport. Numbers don't lie....just ABC'ers.

  • JimW Nov 20, 2014

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    LOL....making a broad generalization about thousands of good people because of something that impacted less than 1% of the student popluation. And even for those in the classes, it probably made up less than 1-2% of their coursework. Pathetic.

    You act like all UNC people are pompous elitists that do nothing after college. That's quite a claim, especially backed up on the internet with no facts. Grow up.

    Sure there are people out there that think their degrees entitle them to things without hard work in their jobs, but those people come from all schools, this is not something unique to UNC. Most people at UNC had to work their tails off to get in and then to graduate. So yes, they probably are proud of that accomplishment. The same way people who graduate from other area schools should be proud of that as well, and are. So please take your hate speech elsewhere.

  • veyor Nov 20, 2014

    It would be better not to go to class than for a young impressionable mind to be filled with the distortion of life that is taught at these ultra liberal schools.