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UNC-CH sit-in students arrested

Posted May 2, 2008

— Five students at UNC-Chapel Hill were arrested Friday for entering the chancellor's office.

The students were among those who have been staging a three-week sit-in just outside the office to draw attention to sweatshops used to produce Tar Heel logo apparel.



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  • Tom Morrow May 5, 2008

    Well, clearly everyone played their roles perfectly -- the students wanted attention drawn to the issue, and the administration obliged by having them arrested. Bravo.

  • redwarrior May 2, 2008

    bob d, I heard that some professors were scheduling around these particular students.....asinine.

  • patriotsrevenge May 2, 2008

    What? Kids from UNC protest something...who would have ever thought that. lol

  • bob d May 2, 2008

    chfdpt sweatshops usually do not make products much cheaper, they usually just mean a higher profit for international businesses. but regardless, sweatshops and poor working conditions are part of the development of any country, the united states experienced them, china is experiencing them, and they eventually fade away as more people get educations and the economy in the particular country grows. i think the unc students should have better things to do-study for exams-or are the liberal professors there too nice to flunk students anymore?

  • foetine May 2, 2008

    if only UNC players sweated when they were getting knocked silly by Kansas, they might have won.

  • miketroll3572 May 2, 2008

    Yea, go out and get a job instead of sitting on your rear.

  • redwarrior May 2, 2008

    About time. No one cared anyway....

  • chfdcpt May 2, 2008

    Be realistic kids, how do you think y'all can afford all of your UNC sweats and shirts?