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UNC campus security review holds public forum

Posted December 2, 2013

— A group looking at security on all University of North Carolina campuses heard from the public Monday night.

The panel reviewing whether campuses are responding properly to allegations of sexual assault and other violent crimes got feedback from parents, students and administrators. They gathered at North Carolina State University. The panel will take a list of recommendations to UNC System President Tom Ross in April.

"As a system, we're just working hard to make sure that each of the campuses understands their responsibility, is committed to the safety and security of students and working hard to learn from the best practices across the system," said N.C. State Chancellor Randy Woodson.

Parent Lynn Blalock spoke about her son, Tyler, who died in 2012 at Appalachian State University after he drank alcohol, fell into a creek and hit his head.

"That's why I am here, to create change within the North Carolina University System and to quit allowing mixed messages to be sent to these kids," Blalock said.

The state's public university administrators created the panel after a pair of cases this year accusing campus officials of burying reported crimes.

Current and former students and the former assistant dean of students at UNC-Chapel Hill complained to the U.S. Education Department that the university was hostile toward sexual assault victims and under-reported campus crimes.

Investigators found campus police at Elizabeth City State University didn't investigate more than 100 alleged crimes. The school's police chief resigned and its chancellor retired.


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  • anneonymousone Dec 2, 2013

    I like the idea of forcing schools to be honest in filing their reports, but this is how rapes become reported as assaults, and assaults become reported as scuffles. We need to make it safer for schools to report the actual events.

    That will help colleges and universities be more concerned about their students, staff, and visitors, instead of their reputation, which affects the bottom line.

    Rapes and attempted rapes occur at all colleges and universities. Public sentiment will just have to accept that it is true and then delare the actions unacceptable, not blame individual institutions or survivors of these crimes.

    We will also have to accept that when reports of rape and similar crimes increase, it often means that survivors feel more supported, not that more rapes have occurred.

    Instead of paying money for blue lights, we need to have honest conversations about rape and similar crimes.

  • dsdaughtry Dec 2, 2013

    perhaps a good start is to rid of the campus police system. Replace it with a newly created unit that reports to the NC Crime Control and Public Safety. This would create a unified standard. Otherwise and alternative is to allow local sherifs departments officer jurisdiction in order to save the university money allotted for law enforcement.

    NC State Campus Police is also just as guilty for underreporting or selective enforcement. All you need to do is read the daily NCSU Campus Blotter Report. You will learn that NCSU campus police rarely charge someone for drug or underage alcohol use on campus. Instead, it is referred to Student Conduct. This is how this how fiasco was created because it became a student conduct issue at UNC-Chapel Hill. Non-students or the general public do not have such luxuries of the law.

    Keep it consistent, and things should work as intended.

  • LuvsThePack Dec 2, 2013

    They should probably start by getting UNC-Chapel Hill to be honest in reporting of these assaults.