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U.S. chief justice to visit NCCU law school

Posted April 1, 2009

— U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over a moot court competition at North Carolina Central University School of Law, officials said Wednesday.

The event will mark the first time in the law school’s 70-year history that a U.S. chief justice has visited, officials said. The April 14 event isn't open to the public or media.

"We are honored to have Chief Justice Roberts judge our moot court competition this year," law school Dean Raymond Pierce said in a statement. "This is a rare opportunity for our students to learn from the highest legal official in our nation. It is also an occasion to showcase the exemplary legal training of our students and the outstanding instruction provided by our faculty.”

A three-judge panel will oversee the moot court competition. Roberts will be joined by Judge Allyson Duncan, a former N.C. Central law professor who now sits on the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and retired North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Henry Frye.

Roberts also will conduct a swearing-in ceremony to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar for alumni of the N.C. Central School of Law on April 13.


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  • bradh2 Apr 2, 2009

    I certainly hope that someone there will ask the chief justice if the court is planning to look in to rights of workers. an if they are planning to over turn any of the laws.

    The court doesn't "look into" anything. It rules on cases brought before it by interpreting law and the constitution. If you would like for them to "look into" something, you would need to file a lawsuit and continously appeal it until it gets to the Supreme Court.

    In the meantime, if you would like a law changed, petition your Congressional representatives.

  • affirmativediversity Apr 1, 2009

    WOW...what a great opportunity for the Law Students at NCCU!!!!

  • pbjbeach Apr 1, 2009


    Thanks of the tip about where the period is located on the keyboard. but i already knew where it was it is just that some time i get so into what i am typing that i forget to used it.

  • pbjbeach Apr 1, 2009

    I certainly hope that someone there will ask the chief justice
    if the court is planning to look in to rights of workers. an if they are planning to over turn any of the laws. that the bush adminstrations had put in place as they pertain to worker rights in the workplace .an why is it that a contracting co can be allowed to have someone frozen out of the work place to the point of being blacklisted. this is suppose to be against the law as it is also an adverse action an retailation also. thank you

  • clintoflannagan Apr 1, 2009

    Hey pgjbeach. There's this little key on the bottom row of your computer keyboard over to the right. It has a little dot on it. It's called a period. You ought to give it a try some time!

  • PaulRevere Apr 1, 2009

    Will Irving Joyner protest?

  • Sidekick Apr 1, 2009

    pbjbeach - they don't do anything until the public bring issues to them. The don't make laws, unless they are a liberal majority. And as far as staying out of people's lives, do you recall Roe v. Wade? That was not a right wing court and I do believe they got real personal.

  • Sidekick Apr 1, 2009

    Maybe he can find out why NCCU has such a poor rate of graduates passing the bar.

  • pbjbeach Apr 1, 2009

    I for one wish that Bush's appointee would just keep himself in the washington , d.c. area an for him an his right winged courts to stay out of our personnal lives with regards to their passing of laws that inhibait our lives an our way of living in the entire country let alone the damange that they have done an forced upon the american workers in this country with laws that were passed under the previous bush & chenny adminstration designed specifically to deter workers rights with the workplace an have also allowed for the union busting all across this country that were primairly push down the american workers throats by a right winged run court all for the reasons of protecting business enity's in this country an to destroy the labor force thank you