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Two suspended from Capitol Police

Posted February 3, 2013

— The acting chief of the State Capitol Police and a sergeant under his command are the subjects of an investigation into practices by the unit, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

In a news release issued Sunday evening, Kieran Shanahan, secretary of DPS, said, "I have serious concerns about certain practices involving secondary employment."

He placed Antonio Asion, acting chief of the force, and Sgt. Benjamin Franklin on investigatory placement, or paid leave. Major William Gray, will take over as acting chief for the course of the investigation. 

"We will conduct a thorough investigation and take action as deemed appropriate. So as not to compromise this ongoing investigation, nor publicly reveal personnel matters, the department will not provide additional details at this time," Shanahan said.

The State Capitol Police work at state-owned properties and around the capitol complex in downtown Raleigh to provide security to employees and visitors. A separate police force, the General Assembly police, is responsible for security at the legislative building and the legislative office building and provides security for legislative leaders when they travel.


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  • Terkel Feb 4, 2013

    I found an old photo from Indy and it is most certainly the same guy.

  • Terkel Feb 4, 2013

    OK, hold it.

    Antonio Asion, eh? Could he possibly be Tony Asion from El Pueblo a couple years ago, that was demanding free education for illegals? He's resigned from the rabble-rousers, but did say in a 2009 story that he'd been in law enforcement. That may be why I can't find a bio of him on any State websites.

    WRAL, what say your investigative reporters?

  • 37 Feb 4, 2013

    They're as crooked as a barrel of snakes, believe that.

  • lsdhome Feb 4, 2013

    "Investigatory placement"... Oh God, what the bureaucrats have done to the English language.

  • Cock a doodle doo Feb 4, 2013

    Just an opinion, I think this is one agency that could be eliminated all-together, and allow the RPD to have jurisdiction over the government mall downtown and the parking lots around Raleigh.

    It's crazy, one night last summer I call 911 to report some drunk people yelling and fighting in a parking lot, only to get a call back from the dispatcher 30 minutes later that RPD couldn't do anything because it was State Property and they would inform the State Capitol Police.

  • Paladin2 Feb 4, 2013

    Without knowing the facts, comments are meaningless.

  • RonnieR Feb 4, 2013

    What a joke this force is . How many workers get harassed and chased around dix campus ? Enough to give the wife some protection thats how much , I think they even have a station there or near by!

    Dix Hill Hospital has its own police force. Most probably moved to Butner when most of the patients did, but there is still a large operation there, so I would guess they left some there.

  • paultaylorsr100 Feb 4, 2013

    You're missing my point. It's not that big of an administrative deal for someone to be put on leave like that.

  • bill0 Feb 4, 2013

    "Being put on administrative leave is about like suing someone"

    Actually, it is incredibly rare for any police chief to be put on administrative leave.

  • itsyoureternalsoul Feb 4, 2013

    What is wrong with policing all day and stripping at night?