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Two stores pay fines for scanning errors

Posted August 19, 2008

— Two local stores have paid fines to the Standards Division of the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for excessive price-scanning errors.

The Kmart at 6200 Capital Blvd. paid $3,555 in civil penalties, while the Rite-Aid at 2850 Capital Blvd. paid $1,490.

The Standards Division conducts periodic, unannounced inspections at businesses to check for consistency between the prices advertised and the prices that ring up at the register. If a store has more than a 2 percent error rate on overcharges, inspectors discuss the findings with the store manager and conduct a more intensive follow-up inspection later.

Penalties are assessed if a store fails the follow-up inspection. In addition to the penalties paid, the store is subject to reinspection every 60 days until it meets the 2 percent threshold.

The Kmart had failed eight straight inspections – its error rates ranged from 2.67 percent in May to 12 percent in February 2007 – before recently passing another inspection. The store has paid more than $24,000 total in penalties to the state.

The Rite-Aid had paid $1,680 in penalties after failing two other inspections.


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  • FragmentFour Aug 19, 2008

    Another retailer who frequently has scanning errors is Food Lion. They're really bad about doing it.

  • busyb97 Aug 19, 2008

    even if you ARE watching (I do try)- it gets confusing. At local grocery stores with the shopper cards,for example, you'll see sale prices ring up on some things, but then other things- it won't adjust until the END of the order. How on earth can you keep track? They figure something will slip through and you won't be able to tell one way or the other.

  • blahblahblah Aug 19, 2008

    I wonder if Walmart ever gets inspected? I grocery shop there weekly and always have a few items scan above the advertised price. Walmart is probably in someone's pocket so they don't get fined.

  • NCSUPackfan Aug 19, 2008

    I will have to play devils advocate too- the pricing errors also include prices which scan lower than posted. I worked in retail for a giant when I was in college and afterwards for awhile. We were always under 1% incorrect but 80% of the errors were things that were reduced in price but the tag or sign wasn't changed to show the lower price.

  • nisa-pizza Aug 19, 2008

    Does anyone shop at Kmart anymore?

    The one in Cary is so empty that it echos when you speak above a whisper and the employees have more cars in the parking lot than the customers. And yet somehow, someway it still takes forever for you to get thru checkout.

    I don't think they have an issue with the scanners in that particular store because they have nothing but time to get all of the pricing done.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Aug 19, 2008

    I called it 15 years ago; bar codes and scanners are government conspiracies second only in magnitude to Operation Blue Book. Mark my words, in a very short time, every child born will get a government issue bar code and a microchip inplant. The implants have been in circulation for some time now being the initial phase of gov. tracking because they are less detectable than bar codes. The conspiracy there is hypnotizing the implantees to believe they've been abducted by aliens.

  • billknighton Aug 19, 2008

    Since kmart is showing so little respect for their customers, here are two free market solutions. One is don't go there. Another is to withdraw law enforcement from kmart. Don't inspect their scanners and don't respond to shop lifting complaints. If they want to have a free-for-all let it run both ways.

  • bluebird1075 Aug 19, 2008

    No telling how much money is spent on things that are priced wrong. I usually look over my receipt but, am usually already home and won't go back to the store for a few cents. They can make alot of extra profits that way. It's the same with fast food places. If you pay for what you order, then get home and don't have something in the bag that you've paid for, your out the money. That happens alot more than stores overcharging I think.

  • wonderif Aug 19, 2008

    agreeing w/ Rev RB. I do the same! and it happens at all the stores except maybe the dollar tree-hard to make a mistake there.

  • SubwayScoundrel Aug 19, 2008

    Director of Scanning !!! You are not serious ?? Please remember, a bunch of Executives eliminated as many jobs as they could at "the lower levels" to control costs so they could keep their jobs and show how much they are worth. Be serious, these Executives have $50K golf and country club memberships to maintain and purchase. They are too busy making charts showing how important they are and thier 7 levels of "people sitting at a computer doing email" below them. They should not be bothered with little things like insuring the scan costs are the same as stated on the sale floor. !!! By the way, they are out of town anyway playing golf in Scotland on the company dollar at a "Process Improvement Seminar." Come on, be serious !! :-)