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Two stabbed at Raleigh IHOP

Posted August 23, 2012

— One man and one woman were taken to the hospital early Thursday after being stabbed at the IHOP on Capital Boulevard, police said. 

Officers responded to the restaurant, at 3009 Capital Blvd., around 4 a.m. 

Police have not released information about the victims, but did confirm Thursday morning that the injuries were non-life threatening.

No arrests have been made. No other information was released.


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  • Phyxius1 Aug 23, 2012

    And this is why I stay out of Raleigh now. The big rise in shootings, stabbings and rapes is crazy lately. I have had my car broken into twice and buddy robbed at gunpoint in Raleigh. Hope these people will be okay from this senseless crime..

  • loprestw Aug 23, 2012

    I think most of this won't be happening if they were home sleeping getting some rest before going to work, or 3rd shiftrs trying to get breakfast before getting some rest before the next days work. But alot of these people (and Ive been there) live for free, sleep all day, have sex and drink all night and everything paid for by you and me. Don't complain if you vote democrat.

  • klink Aug 23, 2012

    I'm shocked!

  • not my real name Aug 23, 2012

    Why do things always seem to go bad at the IHOP around 4am....because everyone is drunk! It's a good thing they dont have a drive thru LOL

  • Barfly Aug 23, 2012

    We've been to that IHOP at 2 a.m. Most of the customers were drunk. It was very chaotic and a bit scary. Loud doesn't define the atmosphere. The entire visit was highlighted by screaming, cursing, threatening...the pinnacle of fine dining.

  • beaulahjackson4 Aug 23, 2012

    southerntalent--- I miss those days when everything was on Hillsborough Street. I actually worked at Breakfast House/Gator Alley (food was much better). Our population has probably quadrupled since then though. I wouldn't frequent any place on Capitol or Wake Forest Road after midnight either. So sad.

  • carlostheass Aug 23, 2012

    "Demographic? You mean hungry people? Or the long distance truck drivers who prefer this restaurant to the Waffle House a minute away or Denny's on Wake Forest Rd?" --venitapeyton

    I'll credit you for playing coy on this one but I think you know the demographic: people who are hanging around all-night establishments in bad neighborhoods. Some people work first shift, some second shift, and some work third shift so maybe these are normally hard-working people...but we all know that statistically that's not so. Why not just admit it? Sex doesn't matter, race doesn't matter, and origin doesn't matter. But there are other factors that do so let's not pretend.

  • southerntalent Aug 23, 2012

    i remember the wonderful nightclub era of the 80s,after they closed it was safe to eat at the new dennys on wafe forest rd,the ham and egger,snoopys or any waffle house or the ihop or alligator alley on hillsborough st and not worry about it being a bad area or a rough crowd,today I would not set foot in any of these areas in the late night hours,including the cookout on capital which even police said is a known criminal hangout

  • anonemoose Aug 23, 2012

    I went in there one evening after a trip to the ER. That was the only time I've ever had the urge to carry a backup concealed weapon. I see why they have wasted the money for the "special" police car to sit outside, but like I said, it's a waste. I would make a comment about "special" police, but that would be considered an insult to our special needs population and a gross overreach to lump them together. The special needs population is a much better group than the special police population.

  • venitapeyton Aug 23, 2012

    Demographic? You mean hungry people? Or the long distance truck drivers who prefer this restaurant to the Waffle House a minute away or Denny's on Wake Forest Rd?