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Two sought in Halifax break-in

Posted July 25, 2008

— Two men are wanted in a break-in Monday at a Halifax County home.

Sheriff’s deputies responding to the scene on Foxtail Lane found the front door had been kicked open and the interior ransacked.

Witnesses reported seeing up to four people fleeing the property in a white car.

Joseph Anthony Boone, often known by his last name only, and Cobie Andre "Pluto" Smith are wanted on charges of breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering and damage to property, deputies said.


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  • pe5tcontrol Jul 25, 2008

    Who said they weren't all criminals too? We aren't discussing them though. All I pointed out was that you said "he's not a criminal" when he clearly has a past record and history of committing crimes. You are right, Halifax County has a lot of criminals, but I would suggest that before you cast stones about others being criminals, you might want to look at who your defending. I doubt Tonya or Randy ever committed a larceny or b&e in multiple counties. Mr. Pluto has a conviction record spanning 10 years, which makes your comment somewhat hypocritical. You claim he would never do something like that, but according to the NC Dept. of Corrections, he has done it before!

  • jannellwill Jul 25, 2008

    Wow, that's so typical. Just because he has some other charges, does that make him a supect in every B&E case, are you saying that just because someone has a past, they are responsible for any crime that is simular. In Halifax County there are so many issues, so many fingers being pointed at certain people, and people that live in certain areas. When the real criminals drive around with no license, no insurance, and most times under the influence of some type of drug.So I'm assuming that Randy Parton would be considered a criminal, we can also assume that Tonya Crew will also be considered a criminal, once the judicial system writes in black and white that she stole money. Oh, and lets not forget Gilbert Chichester (our city attorney), he was charged with DWI, I guess somebody spiked his drink with the Nyquil, probably was the big bottle!!! But will any of them be targeted? Corrupt- tainted, If the shoe fits then wear it. Have a Wonderful Day.

  • pe5tcontrol Jul 25, 2008

    So if he's not a criminal, then was he setup on the Breaking & Entering and Larceny charges he was convicted of? What about the DWI? Guess that was Nyquil, right, or did somebody spike his drink?

    Its public record on the DOC Homepage. He has been convicted of 3 crimes. That makes him a criminal. If the shoe fits....

  • jannellwill Jul 25, 2008

    He is on the way as we speak to clear his name! And you are right, you never know what another person will do. But if you were looking at the back of the persons head, when somebody is "alleging" that they are involved in a serious crime, wouldn't you be a little upset. It wasn't him. Again, he's not a criminal!!!

  • prayin4tr Jul 25, 2008

    Sorry to say jannell but you can never say what another person wont do. If he's not guilty why not just go to the police station and clear your name?

  • jannellwill Jul 25, 2008

    Pluto would never do anything like that. Where is the justice, he should be suing who ever alleged that he's invovled for slander. He's not a criminal!!!!