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Two road run-ins reported in Nash County

Posted August 5, 2008

— Two Nash County women reported being run off the road Tuesday by a black SUV.

In both cases, the women said a black SUV with tinted windows pulled into their lane. The first report came at 6:15 a.m. from a driver on N.C. Highway 33. The second reported incident happened on Swift Creek School Road near N.C. Highway 43.

Both women described the suspects as black men wearing blue jeans and white hoods.


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  • doubletrouble Aug 6, 2008

    And I must add....that WRAL did a poor job in reporting this story and left out alot of the reported details. Then again, it wasn't in the triangle, so they quessed it wasn't really newsworthy.

  • 68_polara Aug 6, 2008

    Bossman your right, If they kept repeat violent felons in prison it wouldn't be necessary. But they don't so it's up to yourself to protect your loved ones.

  • bossman63076 Aug 6, 2008

    Not trying to be harsh but you being a U.S. citizen have the right to carry a firearm. You also have the ropportunuty to aquire a concealed carry permit so if you get caught in this situation of being unarmed it's your own fault. Any loving and concerned husbands sould highly recommend this action for their loved ones. With the large amount of brutal and hanus crimes that take place upon women these days it will only be a matter of time before it hits home. Always be in control of the situation. Surprise and a (38,357,9mm) is the ultimate equalizer.

  • RICKJAMES Aug 6, 2008

    By reading the WRAL news breif it would make you think hmmm...Black truck dark tinted windows with guys with blue jeans. How would they see that when the windows are up and the vehicle swerved in their lane and kept going. WRAL needs to start including all the details in these stories.

  • mooremotox Aug 6, 2008

    It is really hard to find out things that go on in nash co.
    They keep it so hush-hush, not to scare the public. We want to know!!!! We have the right to know.... We need to know..

  • doubletrouble Aug 6, 2008

    From my understanding, one of the suspects stepped out of the vehicle, allowing one driver to see what they were wearing. It was also stated that as one driver tried to go around the black SUV, one of the suspects shot at and hit their car. This happened to 2 people, around the same secluded area, around the same time... via the same black SUV. Thank goodness these ladies got away safe. Hopefully...the NCSD will catch these 2, if not..they may try to roadblock the 'wrong' person...with far more firepower than they have.

  • pwilliamson53 Aug 5, 2008

    This sounds like a gang initiation. Plain and simple.

  • firewife Aug 5, 2008

    From the Rocky Mount Telegram:

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    Gunmen attempt to rob motorists

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    From Staff Reports

    The Nash County Sheriff's Office is searching for two unknown men wanted in connection to two morning reckless driving and robbery attempts in the northern part of the county near Whitakers early this morning.

    In two separate incidents between 6 and 7 a.m., two masked men driving a black sports utility vehicle cut off drivers, at one point stepping out of the car wielding a gun.

    In both incidents, the female drivers drove into the ditch and around the vehicle to escape. Neither woman was injured in the altercations.

    The Nash County Sheriff's Office first received a call around 6:15 a.m. from a woman reporting that while traveling to work on N.C. 33, a black SUV swerved into her lane and forcing her to run off the roadway.

    The Sheriff's office then received a second call from a

  • AtALost Aug 5, 2008

    More reason to arm yourself. Sick puppies out here and our officials are too afraid to really do something about it.

  • something2say Aug 5, 2008

    I was wondering how they saw the jeans too......