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Two rescued after shipwreck on N.C. island

Posted December 11, 2009

— Two men were rescued after their boat fell apart and sank Wednesday night, shipwrecking them on an island in the Core Sound, the Coast Guard said.

A friend reported the two missing when they were overdue on a sail from Marshallberg to Jarrett's Bay. The pair was on a 14-foot sailboat without any lights, electronics or life jackets, the friend told the Coast Guard.

The friend said he saw a fire on Bell's Island, about a half-mile offshore from Marshallberg, and thought that might be his friends trying to signal for help.

The Coast Guard sent out an alert and dispatched a Marine helicopter crew from the Cherry Point base, officers said. A Good Samaritan found the pair and helped the helicopter crew get them back to safety.

The boaters told authorities that their boat sank in rough seas and high winds.

"Both individuals swam for an hour before making landfall at Bell's Island," Petty Officer First Class Jason Frivance said in a statement.

They were in good condition after their rescue, officers said.


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  • batricia1 Dec 11, 2009

    a three hour tour a three hour tour

  • HappyGirl08 Dec 11, 2009

    Wow well they got lucky. Not like there aren't sharks out that way. Dark=snack time! Glad they are ok.

  • dbcooper41 Dec 11, 2009

    "they must have used their Boy Scout training to make the fire without matches!"
    i gotta think they were never boy scouts. sailing without any lifejackets? now that is not being prepared!!

  • ForHim Dec 11, 2009

    Zeus? Right. You pray to him and I will to God for you.

  • CarolinianByChoice Dec 11, 2009

    "without any lights, electronics or life jackets" Gee, that was a really smart choice - bet swimming to the island would have been easier with a life jacket! Perhaps they won't go out for a three-hour tour again without being properly outfitted!

  • CalvinCat Dec 11, 2009

    Zeus? Good luck with that.

  • CalvinCat Dec 11, 2009

    Did they get any of Mary Ann's famous coconut cream pie?

  • 8675309-9 Dec 11, 2009

    "I don't think swimming for an hour was the smartest choice but hey, worked for them this time"

    Interesting outlook on it all, can you eleborate on what you would have done?

  • IceCreamMan Dec 11, 2009

    Zeus is an almighty deity.

  • nosuchmiracles Dec 11, 2009

    Clearly they prayed to Zeus to save them. Thankfully he was in the sky listening to them.