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Two pedestrians struck along Warren County road

Posted February 14, 2012
Updated February 15, 2012

— Two men were injured Tuesday evening when a Honda struck them on the shoulder of Ridgeway Warrenton Road in Warren County, according to the state Highway Patrol.

Troopers said the men were walking with traffic outside the white line when they were hit around 6:45 p.m. 

The driver, an 18-year-old woman, has not been charged. Troopers say neither the driver nor the pedestrians had been drinking and that speed was not a factor.

The victims, whose names were not released, were taken to Maria Parham Hospital in Henderson. One of the men was later airlifted to Duke University Hospital in Durham.

Their conditions were not released.


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  • fsond Feb 15, 2012

    Zach-news reports don't always get the details right and that is specifically why I stated in my initial post that the men were in her lane of travel-to correct that misstatement; I should have noted it as a correction. I have the summary from the NC Highway Patrolman who investigated and I was on sight and saw where the debris lay-on the pavement, not on the shoulder of the road. I saw and talked to the men; it was a horrific scene and I wish this upon no one, ever. But regardless of whether anyone wishes to find fault with my daughter or not, that is not what is important. Physical and emotional healing is the most important thing right now. Thank you for that consideration.

  • ctrofnc Feb 15, 2012

    This 18 year old driver is a very responsible teenager. I am sadden to know that she is having to go through this as well as the pedestrians. Not being charged tells you she was completely innocent. As far as the cell phone, check the records, you will not find a call on it at anytime during which she was or has been driving. I am not family and I can reassure everyone that she is going through as much trauma as the ones hit. Please pray for both parties and pray for their physical and emotional healing. My heart goes out to them. Her network of friends will help her get through this. I know for one, I am there for her.

  • Zach Feb 15, 2012

    @fsond: The article states that the two men were "walking with traffic outside the white line when they were hit" which means, unless the author of the article has a different meaning of outside or was misled, they were not in the traffic lane. They were however walking on the wrong side of the road.

  • fsond Feb 15, 2012

    I am the mother of the driver involved in this accident. According to the trooper who investigated, the accident was completely unavoidable as there was a car in the oncoming lane at the time and place of the incident and the men were in my daughter's lane of travel. These were homeless men who did not appear to know where they were exactly. I won't presume to say that I know anything about them beyond what I saw for myself. I just know that right now they need our prayers for recovery and I ask that you don't assume that just because it was an 18 year old female driver that she was talking on a cell phone. I have no problem with those records being checked but I ask that you consider my daughter's emotional state too. She is a highly thought of young lady in her community and now she must find someway to forgive herself for what was truly an unavoidable accident. Thank you for your considerations.

  • f6rider Feb 15, 2012

    Country roads up there people out walking the roads after dark, most of the time they are very hard to see. Wearing light clothes would help, most of the time they are dressed in dark clothes.

  • 2012notobama Feb 15, 2012

    And wear light colored clothing if it is dark outside!

  • wral mods blow close my account Feb 15, 2012

    You might want to get the drives cell phone records. If she was on the phone sue the insurance company to the hilt.

  • deanfirtick Feb 15, 2012

    Ride with traffic, walk against traffic. Doesn't anybody learn that in school anymore?..........Oh yeah and do both in the shoulder of the road.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 15, 2012

    Well ain't that something.