Two NC congressmen vote against Boehner

Posted January 6, 2015

— Two U.S. House Republicans from North Carolina were part of a GOP bloc that voted Tuesday against re-electing Ohio Congressman John Boehner as House speaker, while one conservative Republican reversed course and backed the sometimes controversial leader.

Boehner was re-elected to the top job in the U.S. House despite opposition from conservatives. 

Eleventh District Congressman Mark Meadows and 3rd District Congressman Walter Jones, both conservative North Carolina Republicans, voted against Boehner, according to news reports. Instead, they backed Florida Republican Congressman Dan Webster, a favorite among the tea party. Boehner is unpopular with the more stridently conservative wing of the GOP. 

Meanwhile, Mark Walker, a conservative freshman representing the Greensboro-based 6th Congressional District, issued a news release to explain why he backed Boehner.

"This was a difficult vote, as I share the frustrations expressed by many of my constituents, but I cast my vote today with a sense of optimism," Walker said in a news release. "I plan to keep the speaker, and the whole House leadership team, accountable – to encourage them to pass conservative legislation and not buckle under pressure from the White House or Senate. When I believe legislation is not in the best interests of the 6th District of North Carolina and the American people, I will have no problems voting against leadership."

Walker had been critical of Boehner during the primary, in which he beat out a field that included former Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr., the son of a high-profile state senate leader. But The Hill newspaper noted, "Walker received $10,000 from Boehner’s leadership PAC."

Of Webster and other opposition candidates, Walker said, "I do not believe they possess the record of leadership and accomplishment necessary to be Speaker of the House. I cannot just vote for the most conservative candidate when considering a position that is this important to the country."


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  • Teresa Engel Jan 8, 2015
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    The TEA Party was started by the Koch Brothers. Look it up.

  • John Phillips Jan 8, 2015
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    The Tea Party should have been separate from the beginning. Initially it was a grass roots movement among people that were fed up with 'government as usual'. But because many (most?) of them were conservative, the republican party absconded with them. I know many democrats who feel they are 'Taxed Enough Already' and might identify with the TEA party if it's not an arm of the GOP. Boehner and McConnel represent politics as usual, so unless the rest of the party can move those two, I don't see much progress the next two years. Maybe if they rename it the 'Middle America Party' it will be more accurate.

  • bmac813 Jan 8, 2015

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    How could it be, Obama doesn't belong to the Tea party.
    What you said sounds more like Obama than the Tea Party.

  • James Daniels Jan 8, 2015
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    Rep. Jones' vote probably includes his view that US troops should come home from Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East. Walker was just simply bought by the money from Boehner's PAC. GOP Super Pacs do far more to create obstructionism in Congress than anything that Democrats do. The influence of big corporate donations has increased since the Supreme Court created a free speech right for corporations and the super rich out of thin air. Good thing all those GOP nominees on the court are strict constructionists and not activists judges. If they were, my dog would be able to vote with assistance as long as he used his right paw. LOL

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 7, 2015

    Tea party?, those obstructionist are the very ones who tried as they could, (were able to slow the recovery of our economy), but failed to stop it. They would have all your rights taken away and seem determine to drive a large divide between the American people. If there was ever a group who was for Corp. Welfare, destruction of our enviorment and supporting of a police state mentality to control the masses, it's this group.

  • heelhawk Jan 7, 2015

    The GOP is so messed up, they don't even know how to run their own party, much less the country. It is high time the "tea party" formed its own political party and stop riding the coat tails of the Republicans. If they have as much support as they claim, they should have no trouble getting elected. There are a few moderate Republicans still out there, but they are rendered ineffective because of the cancer that exists within their party ranks.

  • Proudly Unaffiliated Jan 7, 2015
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    Kudos to Jones and Meadows for standing up like men and doing the right thing for the people. They listened and this will not be forgotten.

  • Fun Jan 7, 2015

    Mr. Walker was bought by Boehner- It's disgusting and I'm a republican. The democrats do the same thing on all levels.
    They all stink, local, state and federal "peoples representatives"- crooks.

  • mayhem Jan 6, 2015

    That's it. Walker's gone establishment.

  • Kenny Dunn Jan 6, 2015
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    My country is doomed.