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Two more students charged in Wakefield High assault

Posted September 23, 2008

— Two more Wakefield High School students were charged Tuesday in the beating of another student.

Micah Hakeem Conley, 16, was charged with assault inflicting serious injury, and Stephen Shawn Wilson-Chism, 16, was charged as an accessory after the fact, authorities said.

Tyree Lee, 17, was charged Monday with assault inflicting serious injury.

Police said a 15-year-old student was slammed to the ground and punching several times in the face in a Monday morning fight at the school.

The victim, whose name hasn't been released, will need several reconstructive surgeries as part of his recovery, police said. His injuries include: multiple fractured bones in his cheek, a broken nose, a broken bone in his forehead, five stitches above his right eye and a concussion, according to the boy's father.


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  • barkleylee Sep 24, 2008

    Well, the harsh punishment that many of you are calling for would be appropriate, but NAACP would never allow it. We'd have another Jena 6 fiasco on our hands.

  • jtalerico Sep 24, 2008

    Put these kids away. No need to have another incident like Eve C.

  • 2alegal Sep 24, 2008

    I heard the grandmother say the grandson was not guilty.....How does that look? He never said publicly he didn't do it??? The grandma of all folks........Hopefully something good will come out..

  • ECU4lyf Sep 24, 2008

    students shouldn't have to go thru this at school, if the boys who were involved in this beating have a proven track record of violence in school, i think it's time for them to go some place else, obviously they are not learning anything

  • alx Sep 24, 2008

    this was a racially motivated hate crime, unfortunately no one in wake county will prosecute black on white crimes.

  • ibbott41 Sep 24, 2008

    This is a big problem that requires the cooperation of authorities, parents, teachers and all those organizations that are meddling with the wrong causes.. And for everybody this is our future. We have to act now. these are only signs that will become terrible realities..This is the perfect case to set an example for other kids. punish these kids. before they become gangs members. or maybe they already are. Very sorry for this society. We need some reverends that can help here

  • rlewis Sep 24, 2008

    News like this makes me sick. You go to school to LEARN. You shouldn't have to worry about getting jumped and getting your face broken.

    There should be ZERO tolerance for this kind of thing at any school. School should be a safe place. Period. Kids should go there to learn math, science, etc... They shouldn't have to spend time learning how to be tougher than the other guys.

  • ContinuityMan Sep 24, 2008

    T-shirt suggestion: "I went to Wakefield High and all I got was this lousy beating"

  • OrdinaryCitizen Sep 24, 2008

    "Also keep in mind 2 of the 3 perpetrators are on probation for felony charges of breaking and entering. This is a fact!!"

    --->They shouldn't have been allowed to attend the school. There are special schools for kids with these behaviors.

  • Arbi Sep 24, 2008

    If convicted, these kids won't see prison. two are 16 and the other is 17. when they turn 18 their criminal history is deleted and they'll go on with their sorry life.