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Two more charged in Enloe High School fight

Posted September 12, 2008

— Two more students were charged Friday with assault in connection with a fight Thursday outside Enloe High School.

Kalisha Young, 17, and Mario Crudup, 17, were arrested in connection with the fight, which involved about 30 students who were either battling or were encouraging the fight, police said.

Six students – Altroia J. Gentry, 16; Lamont Wade, 17; Keon Demetrius Bascombe, 17; Frank Marsh III, 18; Zollie Leroy Jones Jr., 19; and Devonte Lamar Young, 16 – were arrested Thursday on a variety of charges, including assault, larceny and possession of marijuana.


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  • TRB2871 Sep 12, 2008

    What do you propose we do freedomdiddy? Maybe you should move to another state because here in NC 16 and older gets charged as an adult. At 16 you know right from wrong. Schools are here to educate. Schools aren't here nor are they longer capable of disciplining gangbangers and other students who don't want to learn. Times have changed. You're acting like these students are in elementary school. These students work, drive and engage in all kinds of other adult activities. Those that engage in criminal behavior should be arrested and treated as adults.

  • Not_So_Dumb Sep 12, 2008

    We are arresting teens because the juvenile justice system is incapable of dealing with these types of offenses. Also note that two of those mentioned are adults.

  • ksh33 Sep 12, 2008

    act like a criminal and get treated like one.. school is for learning not a market place to sell your drugs or mark your turf. Freedomdiddy perhaps you didn't know this was actually a gang related fight - not just a schoolyard brawl. Learn or go home. That's what this is saying.

  • freedomdiddy Sep 12, 2008

    Why are we arresting teenagers? This is insane. What's next, jail time for chewing gum in class? I'm all for the school disciplining children for violating the rules but we should not treat children like criminals. Jail is for adult criminals.

  • anneonymousone Sep 12, 2008

    Teens actually see this behavior as evidence that they are full-grown. I want to know what they see the "adults" in their life doing that makes them think this.

    I mean other than the bozos making the news for all the wrong reasons.