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Two more charged in beating of Vance driver

Posted April 1, 2011

— Two more people have been arrested in connection with a March 19 melee in Henderson that began when a driver hit a pedestrian, authorities said Friday.

The Vance County Sheriff's Office has said Eric Loznicka accidentally hit Reuben Wright, 18, on Raleigh Road in Henderson. Deputies said Loznicka had no chance to see Wright or stop before hitting him.

In 911 calls placed in the minutes after the accident, people describe a chaotic scene where bystanders pulled Loznicka from his car and began beating him.

Six people were charged last week with misdemeanor assault in the case. Vance County Sheriff Peter White said Lashamika Ragland and Alexis Mulkey were arrested this week on the same charge and were released after posting $2,000 bonds.

Loznicka, who escaped the crowd and ran to a passing truck for help, has been charged with driving with a revoked license, driving with a revoked license plate and driving without insurance.


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  • Conservative1 Apr 1, 2011

    I hope people in that area keep the pressure on the district attorney and the court to hold the people accountable or they will send a very dangerous message to these terrible criminals.

  • ccs1920 Apr 1, 2011

    TheDude/ I understand that this research is going on all over the country with the exception of some of the most northern states where it is extremely cold the majority of the year.

  • TheDude abides... Apr 1, 2011

    I thought the Jane Goodall Primate Research deal was coming to Durham, not Henderson?

  • Southern Girl Apr 1, 2011

    So, they both posted a $2,000 bond and are back out on the streets for Saturday night. Nice. It is a real shame that this group isn't being charged with a felony. Why aren't fists lethal weapons? They can kill just as much as a gun or a knife can.

    This should at LEAST be investigated by higher authorities from somewhere else, ie. SBI/FBI. These people should not be out, and they should be charged with much more, in my opinion. Who will be the victims the next time? Could be anybody who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Could be.

  • MzBoogie Apr 1, 2011

    Well said enjae...keep doing what you doing. It will pay off in the long run.

  • ElvisPresleyJr Apr 1, 2011

    RockerMom how in the world do you or other in that area continue to live there with that type of activity running rampant? Are they blacks in that area getting to be that bad now? What is your thought as to why they are becoming so violent?

  • ccs1920 Apr 1, 2011

    Maybe if these people would do the same thing to their own that murder and assault each other the violent crime rate would drop.

  • Brejasa Apr 1, 2011

    My prayers go out to the family of the victims (man and daughter) and I pray that each and every offender is punished to the full extent of the law but if we keep a mind frame that this is how blacks are and this is how blacks are going to be then yes many will be ignorant enough to believe that it’s all they can be. I'm not justifying what these people did either. I'm just saying we have to stop this whole race thing. I wonder how many people thought the boys shooting out windows in cars would be black. Violence, hatred and crime are not linked to a race. I start with my own home, I don't want my children to be statistics but what scares me is when they see attitudes such as many posted in many of these post how will that affect all that I've instilled in them?

  • fairyswearboots2 Apr 1, 2011

    WOW Only $2,000 bond for attempted murder !?? Hmm looks like some of these attempted murderers are getting away with just A SLAP ON THE WRIST.. wow 1

  • u stand corrected Apr 1, 2011

    unbelievable. Call in the FEDs