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Two men sought in Raleigh robberies

Posted November 9, 2011
Updated November 10, 2011

— Raleigh police are trying to identify two men suspected in a series of robberies in the past two weeks.

The pair is accused of robbing the Papa John’s, 5260 Capital Blvd., on Oct. 26, and Peace Street Market, 804 W. Peace St., on Oct. 31.

They are accused of trying to rob the Exxon, 4301 New Bern Ave., just after 1 a.m. Sunday. Less than a half hour later, they are accused of robbing Circle K, 2400 Spring Forest Road. That night they are suspected in the robbery of the Domino’s Pizza, 4339 Falls of Neuse Road.

One of the men is believed to have been involved in the robbery of Sophie’s Deli, 3130 Integrity Drive, on Tuesday.

A combination of long guns and handguns have been displayed during the crimes, police said.

The men are described as black, about 6 feet tall. One man is estimated to weigh 200 to 240 pounds, and the second 170 to 180 pounds. They have been disguising their identities by wearing large puffy coats and bandannas.

Anyone with information about the men or the robberies is asked to call Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-4357. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips that help solve cases.

Map of Raleigh robberies


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  • udaycoosay Nov 10, 2011

    drjones makes the argument that being poor makes one a criminal. Simple reflection will refute that misguided bit of liberal "logic".

  • mechengineer3 Nov 10, 2011

    "...because of our failure as a society to swiftly correct historical inequities". How is society to blame for a person making the wrong decision? Wrong is wrong no matter your race or economic classification. It's called personal responsibility, and no society or government can replace it.

  • UNC PH.d Nov 10, 2011


    What ARE YOU talking about? Do some research into crime in America...behind many violent crimes, committed by minorities, drugs/alcohol/money are the root cause.

    You think crime is caused by minorities struggling to support their families? Uh, please...Go ask a cop about this and see what they say the root cause of crime is. It's not 'Momma shoplifting a ham from Kroger cause she didn't have no dinna for da chitlins...

    Struggling minorities.....please..with welfare, free work training, food stamps, and everything else many would still rather sit around playing Playstation and throwing money into their "rides" than get a job. Bill Cosby in his recent speeches is right, black youth in America is in big trouble, and it's their own fault.

  • working for deadbeats Nov 10, 2011

    They are just cutting out the middle man (govt) and taking what the businesses would have paid towards welfare taxes anyway.

  • gmuny33 Nov 10, 2011

    Stealing my 401k of thousands and millions is just as detrimental to robbing me at gunpoint of $50. Don't minimize things because of race, but recognize the crimes committed by all races. People can systematically demoralize a race by blogs like these, but many times fail to recognize their inner and racial bias. The multiple ponzi schemes that seem to be ran by one particular race, don't even register, but then next it will be, well he's Irish, she's Polish, or they are British, but in the eyes of the majority, it's all the sime when you feel out that police record. Poverty is a route to crime, but a bunch of poor whites in New York, will commit the same crimes as a bunch of poor Italians in Jersey.

  • drjones74 Nov 10, 2011

    The only direct link to crime of this type is abject poverty. If a particular race correlates to the crime it is because of our failure as a society to swiftly correct historical inequities. This is fact.

  • AtALost Nov 10, 2011

    "most of the crime happens in lower income areas that minorities typically live in. ...Everybody loves to sugarcoat facts and not hurt anyone's feelings, but that gets us nowhere in solving the problem."

    I can agree that most of the burglaries and armed robberies are by low income minorities struggling to support their families if you can agree that most of the pedophiles and white collar criminals are sick members of the majority.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Nov 10, 2011

    maybe eventually they'll hit a place where the owner is also a gun owner, and knows how to use it. Otherwise these two are headed for a life in the state hotel system where we will pay for them to live a life of luxery.

  • UNC PH.d Nov 10, 2011

    My Point was gmuny33 was that if you look at nationwide FBI crime data per capita (if you know what that means), the "minority populations"......blacks and hispanics... commit the vast majority of the violent crime in the USA. This isn't stereotyping, this is hard facts.

    And also, if you look at a citywide crime map of Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, most of the crime happens in lower income areas that minorities typically live in. So what's wrong with what I said? Besides not being politically correct? Everybody loves to sugarcoat facts and not hurt anyone's feelings, but that gets us nowhere in solving the problem.

  • UNC PH.d Nov 10, 2011

    I don't know, but when's the last time you heard of a soul food joint being robbed? LOL...