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Two Goldsboro men charged with raping teen

Posted July 27, 2010

— Goldsboro police arrested two men Monday and charged them with statutory rape, crime against nature and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

William Earl Wooten Jr., 20, of 411 Miller Ave., and Michael Pierucki, 21, of 524 W. New Hope Road, Apt. A-4, are accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl, according to police.

On Friday, "a 15-year-old victim from Johnston County reported that two males had sexual intercourse with her," police said.

Both men were being held in the Wayne County Jail under a $100,000 secured bond pending a first appearance Tuesday.


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  • haleyrobertsx3 Jul 29, 2010

    Its actually quite sad and disturbing how people who just read the news are gonna put their two sence in without knowing both sides of the story! Obviously this article makes these two look horrible but in reality they aren't. I know these two personally and they would never do ANYTHING intentionally to hurt anyone. They would never go out and have a plan to rape someone! The title of this really sickens me because yes, obviously it would be labled as " statutory " because of the age, but they didnt full out RAPE somebody. to one of the comments before me about the one in the military, you don't think he's already sitting there breaking down at the cost of his whole life? That proves another one of my points as to why they wouldn't go out and do something like this. These 2 are amazing people and I think that the news blows things way out of proportion. REALITY; Im not agreeing with the fact that she was 15 and this happened, im disagreeing about how people go about talking about it.

  • #24WarrensABeast Jul 29, 2010

    @eduardo1....I'm confused about the fact that it states these guys "had sexual intercourse with her"....if they "had sexual intercourse with her", how is that rape? If they assaulted her, beat her and took advantage of her, then I can understand a rape charge but if they "had sexual intercourse with her", I don't get it!!!!

  • sr20deturbo Jul 27, 2010

    i really like how people who dont even know the entire story will go and comment on things and say they shouldve known better. the girl went to the police screaming rape. the guys said they didnt rape her we have it on video so heres the proof. thats when they found out how old she was and then was charged for statutory. granted regardless it was wrong. but the 2 boys were conned into this one and yes it was at a party. wrong is wrong regardless. buy the 2 guys are both good people and wouldnt ever do anything to hurt anyone.

  • suez Jul 27, 2010

    Younger girls are starting to know more about sex. I doubt these two men knew her real age. She probably was not raped just got scared she was going to be in trouble. It was a party..it was probably easy for her to say she was of age so she could drink. The girl should have never been at the party to begin with if she was only 15. where were her parents? why did they let her stay out so late?what was she wearing? Its amazing how many underage girls are out there trying to be grown.Its a trap.I bet these men had no clue of her age...they are babies themselves!

  • AKA Jul 27, 2010

    This is an outrage it says statutory rape because that girl most likely told them that she was of age... Or didnt tell them that she wasnt of age. She was at a party that was full of adults... What was this girl doing there in the first place? one guy is military, why would he put his career in shambles over some 15 year old. The other guy is 20 years old... He is a baby himself. That 15 year old girl should be questioned and not let off lightly she just ruined 2 lives. All of a sudden they hear 15 year old girl and she is innocent? Granted this situation is unacceptable. But it is also one sided. Something is missing....

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jul 27, 2010

    She was raped and the police dept must have made a mistake by saying that two males had sexual intercourse with her. That is saying she willingly done it. She was raped. She is just 15 years old. She is just a baby.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jul 27, 2010

    I believe that these guys raped her. There are things that I have been through that I know that it happen. I hope that girl is ok, I know this want make her ok, but as long as she is safe right now & isn't being hurt that is what I hope. I will be praying for her.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jul 27, 2010

    They need to get these boys with serious crimes. They should have known better. They were probably already raping girls & this one came forward & she is only 15 she is still a baby. They need to give them serious charges & time, & make sure THEY GET IN THE REGISTRY, sometimes they don't put them in the registry.

  • Eduardo1 Jul 27, 2010

    a DRIP.......what are you confused about?
    Do the math, 20 year old,+ 21 year old, do not = 15 year old DUH!!!

  • #24WarrensABeast Jul 27, 2010

    "a 15-year-old victim from Johnston County reported that two males had sexual intercourse with her," police said.........huh? I'm confused!