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Two face DWI charges in fatal U.S. 64 wreck

Posted August 13, 2012

A man was killed and five people were injured early Sunday in a three-car crash on U.S. 64 in Franklin County, according to the state Highway Patrol.

— A Knightdale man and Durham woman face accusations of drunken driving in connection with a three-car crash that killed a Sanford man on U.S. Highway 64 at the Wake-Franklin county line early Sunday.

State troopers said that Jashauna Kanesha Wilson left part of her 2001 Honda Accord sticking out into U.S. 64 West when she ran out of gas around 3:30 a.m. and pulled onto the right shoulder, near N.C. Highway 39. A westbound 1997 Nissan Altima, driven by Marvin Gerome Lee, 23, struck the Accord at 65 mph, which spun around and was hit from behind by a westbound 2003 Nissan Altima, whose driver, Timothy Richardson Jr., had slowed from 80 mph to 65 mph before impact.

Lee's 1997 Altima split in half and caught on fire, troopers said. He was thrown from the car and died at the scene.

Jarvis Richardson, 31, of Nashville, suffered severe, life-threatening injuries in the crash. Timothy Richardson's cousin, he was thrown from the back of the 2003 Altima through the front windshield, troopers said. He was taken to WakeMed in Raleigh.

Timothy Richardson and his front-seat passenger, Michael Pittman, 33, of Raleigh, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to WakeMed. Wilson and her passenger and cousin, Britanny Wilson, 20, of Knightdale, were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Timothy Richardson, 27, of 504 Pine Run in Knightdale, was charged with driving while impaired, and Wilson, 20, of 5639 Old Chapel Hill Road, Apt. 310 in Durham, with underage or provisional DWI.

Troopers said Wilson did not appear impaired at the scene, but tests revealed that she had a blood alcohol content level of 0.05. In North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with any BAC level.

Timothy Richardson appeared to be physically impaired at the scene, and the results of his alcohol tests are pending, troopers stated in the wreck report. Results from alcohol and drug tests on Lee were also pending.

The speed limit along that stretch of U.S. 64 is 70 mph.


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  • foghat001 Aug 21, 2012

    jjsmith you are the one that seems to be delusional

    lock these people up and throw away the key

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 13, 2012

    Charmlovingdog are you delusional? You want to lock up everyone for years in all your post. Locking people up for this doesn't stop anyone from doing it. There is the ideal world and there is the reality of the real world. Learn to live in it

  • samdutes Aug 13, 2012

    ncpilot2, you should have been behind the "distracted" cellphone user I was behind yesterday. You would have seen how they would have been putting your children, other children and families at risk.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Aug 13, 2012

    not to be on the road while driving.

    Correction: not to be on the road while drinking and driving.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Aug 13, 2012

    Typical! If they would absolutely lock these DUI's people up in prison for 40 to 5o years, maybe somebody would learn not to be on the road while driving. My condolences to the families in their loss.

  • turbo08 Aug 13, 2012

    It sounds like if Jashauna spent some of that money used to buy alcohol on gas then none of this would have happened.

  • wcnc Aug 13, 2012

    "we all deserve to be able to travel safely on the roads our high taxes pays for. LEO's never travel that stretch of road at night and it shows."

    First of all, Highway Patrol patrols the highways and there are so few assigned to each county and they are usually busy with traffic accidents.

    Second your high taxes go mostly toward the schools- 75% of property taxes go to schools. Less than 10% goes to Law Enforcement.

    So unless you posters without a clue want sky high taxes for the checkpoints and patrols you say will stop irresponsible people from drinking and driving, you'll need another idea.... This accident was NOT the result of lack of police patrols, it WAS the result of drunk, irresponsible drivers!

  • offconstantly Aug 13, 2012

    nobody would have been hurt if the car had pulled off the road, its PLENTY of shoulder out there, at least 12' of it.......

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 13, 2012

    Ncpilot it is a UNC study on distracted driving. Google it. Also breaking a traffic law that results in injury or death weather it is speeding, texting, or DWI isn't comparing Apple's and oranges. It results in the same but like I stated you try to make those violations the same punishment as DWI and people get all defensive. Thanks for proving my point.

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 13, 2012

    Yes, Fe what a great solution. Why not a checkpoint at all times of the day? Yes, infringe for no good reason on a persons civil liberties, so people can feel safe when things go bump in the night.