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Two die in separate wrecks in Johnston County

Posted August 18, 2010

— The state Highway Patrol on Tuesday responded to two fatal wrecks in Johnston County.

Thaddeus West, 28, of Fremont, was driving southbound on N.C. Highway 222, near Kenly, when he ran off the road and overcorrected, troopers said.  The vehicle then veered off the other side of the roadway and struck a mailbox and tree, troopers said.

No other vehicles were involved, and West was alone in the car.

Troopers said he was wearing a seat belt, and alcohol was not involved.

Another person was killed Tuesday on U.S. 70/U.S. 70 Business, troopers said. No further details have been released concerning this wreck.


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  • tprice45 Aug 18, 2010

    i don't understand why people blame teachers when it is the parents job to raise and educate their children, stop waiting for someone else to do your job

  • mulecitybabe Aug 18, 2010

    I am very sorry for the victim and the family, and in no way do I blame him. I blame the people that teach driver's ed for not educating kids now on how to properly respond to emergencies.

    I have run off the road myself, as I'm sure almost everybody has. It's scary, but I was taught how to handle it. Maybe Brent was, maybe he wasn't. I don't know any other details about this accident.

    My comments were just an attempt to get parents and educators to teach real-world techniques to prevent these types of accidents.

  • If_I_Was_President Aug 18, 2010

    mulecitybabe...try putting yourself in Brent's position and see if you would do it differently. It's easier "said" than done. I fully agree with you, our children should be taught real world driving. There may have been several other factors that caused him to not regain control of his truck that this short story above doesn't list. We can all say what we would do, but would we actually do it in the blink of an eye? Think about it. Mourn for Brent and the entire West family...not for what he could have done to prevent it.

  • unaffiliated_voter Aug 18, 2010

    mulecitybabe - From what my kids told me, they don't teach much of anything useful in driver's ed now. They apparently spent a lot of time talking about color-coded zones of the car (blue zone, yellow zone, etc.) which I still don't understand the purpose of (and my kids don't either), but whenever I ask what they learned about useful things like keeping the brakes from overheating when driving in the mountains, how to drive when the roads are snowy/icy, or how to avoid or recover from hydroplaning, they tell me they never covered that in driver's ed.

  • Z Man Aug 18, 2010

    mulecitybabe - or reduce the chance of running off the road in the first place (I.E. Hang up and drive)?

  • lh Aug 18, 2010

    This is a tragedy. He may be young but he leaves behind a wife and a beautiful lil girl. My thoughts & prayers are with them.

  • lesliebailey882 Aug 18, 2010

    RIP Brent (Thaddeus)

  • mulecitybabe Aug 18, 2010

    There have been numerous fatalities of young people recently related to running off the road and over-correcting. Don't they teach the correct response in drivers ed anymore?

    Unless something's changed, you should slow down, regain control of the car, then slowly return to the pavement when traffic allows. Please teach this to your kids.