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Two-county chase ends in wreck with deputies' cars

Posted June 21, 2009

— A police chase that started in Richmond County ended when the suspect's vehicle crashed into two sheriff's deputies' cars south of Carthage Saturday afternoon.

State troopers said authorities pursued the suspect from Richmond County down U.S. Highway 1 into Southern Pines, along side roads and through Pinehurst. The suspect then got onto U.S. Highway 15-501 towards Carthage.

Deputies blocked the road with their cars and forced the suspect to stop along U.S. 15-501, south of N.C. Highway 22, troopers said. The suspect's vehicle crashed into deputies' cars going at about 10 mph, and no one was injured.

Troopers said the suspect, who has not been identified, was taken into custody, but they did not know on what charges.


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  • SilverWolf Jun 22, 2009


    they were cruising pretty fast as they went by us in Aberdeen. the white van was smoking pretty badly even then. So I am guessing between Blockbuster on US 1 and where you saw them on 15/501, the van must have really come apart badly. I did see parts of tires all along Old US 1 in S. Pines so I am almost sure that is the way they went. Would love to hear the details from someone who knows what it was all about.

  • sandrajoy70 Jun 22, 2009

    Well, we were traveling on 15-501 between Hillcrest and Eastwood on Saturday afternoon. When what should my wondering eyes appear,but a white minature van leading 8-10 police in rear. I thought to myself what is the matter, looks like a funeral procession and I shouted in laughter.
    Why in the world did it take so many, to pull over a van going less than twenty. Dented in the front and riding a rim I looked in amazement what followed him. I don't know what preceeded the event that I saw but it was kinda embarrassing...you know all the law. Nothing else must have been going on 2 counties wide
    as we watched them pass by on our Saturday ride.

  • SilverWolf Jun 22, 2009

    Saw this convoy of LEO's chasing a white van Saturday afternoon. They went zooming up US 1 through Aberdeen at about 70 I'd guess. The trooper in the charger backed off as they came into town proper and let the guy zoom on ahead a little. Don't know if they continued on US 1 or got off at Old US 1 but I did see a trail of tire remnants all down Old 1 so I am guessing that's the way they went. As far as I could tell everything was handled to the best of the LEO's abilities. No one got hurt and they got their man. If anyone knows why the guy was trying to outrun the law I'd be interested in hearing about it. Its not everyday we get a high speed chase through Moore County.