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Two children found at Clayton meth lab

Posted November 29, 2012
Updated November 30, 2012

— Two people are in custody after deputies discovered an active methamphetamine lab at a Clayton home Thursday morning and executed a search warrant there in the afternoon, according to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

Douglas Lee Brock, 33, and Tara Nicole Bunn, 29, each face seven charges – manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of precursor chemicals, felony conspiracy, maintaining a dwelling for the manufacture of meth, misdemeanor child abuse, misdemeanor marijuana possession and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies found a 4-year-old Peyton Brock inside the home, at 150 Loop Road, near Archer Lodge.

The girl and a 6-year-old boy, who lives in the home but wasn't there when deputies arrived, were removed from the home by the Department of Social Services.

Children taken from Clayton home where meth produced Children taken from Clayton home where meth produced

Capt. Alex Fish said it's not uncommon to find children in dangerous conditions at meth labs.

"The parents get hooked on meth. They start cooking meth," Fish said. "They lose all regard for hygiene, for family members. It's a bad situation all the way around."

Brock and Dunn consented to DSS workers interviewing the children and testing them to determine their exposure to the toxic chemicals used to make meth. The children were with relatives Friday, but DSS officials said they plan to file for custody of the children next week.

Deputies and hazardous materials crews searched the home for 12 hours Thursday, removing some drug-manufacturing materials from the children's room.

Brock was being held Friday in the Johnston County jail under a $150,000 bond, while Bunn was being held under a $100,000 bond.


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  • Curlyq Dec 7, 2012

    Is there an update on this story? Thanks

  • chrissara1011 Nov 30, 2012

    @wewoods I would hope that the fact their parents lived in a hotel was not the only reason they were removed from them. If it was i feel that was a misuse of power. The parents were providing a roof over their childrens head and food and love if i go by your statement "I have two children living in my home righ now (7 and 3) that were taken away from their home which was a hotel room you rented by the week. " Especially when there are a lot of children that are not cared for or given attention or loved. I SMH that you think you are so high and mighty bc you have a home to live in and you feel that makes you more quallified to raise someone elses children for that reason alone.

  • piene2 Nov 30, 2012

    "Piene2-that's right-make all drugs legal!! That would make us a third world country. Is that what you want?? Doaped up drivers killing people every day!!


    Are you not capable of comprehending the simple fact that if there was no war on drugs there would not be a huge group of the new generation of entrepreneurs making a fine living and mocking the government's feeble attempts to stop them? for every drug dealer arrested, five new ones spring up. There was no recession in the drug sale trade, was there?

  • Dynol Yn Cael Ei Nov 30, 2012

    JCC - Many won't consider the foster parent program because they're hands would be severely tied by what they could do for the children. It's very restrictive.

  • justcommonsense Nov 30, 2012

    wewoods, folks in the system such as yourself who will truly care and love these kids is rare. It takes a special kind of folks to be foster parents...to really be a stable loving home for them. What is sad is that there are a few too many in the system taking care of children who really don't provide that kind of care.

  • wewoods Nov 30, 2012

    I'm glad there is social services to act on the childrens behalf. I have two children living in my home righ now (7 and 3) that were taken away from their home which was a hotel room you rented by the week. Not a place for children but their parent didn't see it that way. Thank you SS's for getting those children out of there and in my home where they will be loved, protected, fed and cared for like my own. The parent still loves them, but sometimes parents don't want to give up their kids no matter what. Love will blind you sometimes from the truth.

    Social Services are for helping children, how can that EVER be a sad part of the story?

  • justcommonsense Nov 30, 2012

    No, they didn't think about the effects on their children before setting up shop. And that to me is unforgivable. I agree that the parents do not need to have custody of them at this time. And I too hope that there will be no long term physical effects on them. The psychological damages have already been done IMO

  • wewoods Nov 30, 2012

    With kids involved there is no excuse. Throw the book at them.
    I'm tired of doing time because of other peoples crimes. Their actions are no longer just affecting themselves and their own bodies, now its children and they should be put on the same list as child molesters. Live and let live/the right for the pursuit of happiness - are all being taken away from the rest of us because of people like this. People, your pursuit of happiness is your business and only your business until you affect someone else's life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. I believe if you keep it private and away from the innocent and young, have at it but endanger or infringe on others and that freedom should be taken away, and in this case FOREVER. I pray the damage done to these young bodies doesn't leave them short of life or in pain the rest of it. Did you think about that before setting up your lab??? No, probably not, just thinking about yourself. Thats what meth does..

  • justcommonsense Nov 30, 2012

    I agree the child's name should not have been in the story at all. What were they thinking?

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Nov 30, 2012

    The saddest part of this is that social services now wants custody of the children

    That is the best part, Social Services getting the children. At least they will be provided for and put where they will be cared for and loved. Of course they will get food and be kept warm in a loving home. I guess the parents was not thinking about those things.