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Two charged after car overturns on I-40 in Johnston County

Posted September 25, 2011

— Two men were injured when their car overturned on Interstate 40 westbound near the North Carolina Highway 210 exit in Johnston County Saturday afternoon, according to the state Highway Patrol. 

The driver, Michael Boyce, 26, of Lawrence, was charged with driving while impaired and possession of marijuana. Troopers said he was impaired from taking prescription medication. His passenger, Jimmy Brown, 24, was charged with aiding and abetting because his mother owns the car Boyce was driving, troopers said.

Boyce and Brown's injuries were minor, troopers said.

The wreck, which happened shortly before 2:30 p.m., caused heavy traffic backups in the area. All lanes of traffic had to be closed for about 10 minutes while authorities brought in a wrecker.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 4, 2011

    @thinkb4speak & @marinewife, I am working to legalize pot by exercising my legal rights. I also post comments on message boards (like this one) saying “The possession of marijuana charge needs to disappear...for everyone. Permanently.“ Two prong approach. Yes, if something is illegal, then yes you can be arrested. (just like Rosa Parks was when she sat in the “white” section of the bus) But, legality does not mean that something is right, good or good for you...just look at cigarettes that kill half a million every year which equals 145 World Trade Centers every year.

    @The Fox, we have laws about driving while impaired. This should apply equally to anything that impairs you including marijuana, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc. Legalizing pot comes with the same responsibilities of alcohol. There’s an appropriate time and place for its use and vice versa.

    @Jeremiah, thank you. Yes, that was the point. :-)

  • leo-nc Sep 26, 2011

    Thankfully, Lizard Lick isn't on the HP rotation.

  • Jeremiah Sep 26, 2011

    "are you SERIOUSLY that ignorant??? REALLY!?!? Cigs are legal, marijuana IS NOT!!!"

    it's pretty evident he's saying they both should be legal. did you really not understand that?????

  • mulecitybabe Sep 26, 2011

    I don't know why my comment was deleted. There was a Craigslist ad this morning that apparently was linked to this accident. There was a tan pit/boxer named Cowboy in the vehicle that got scared and ran after the accident. I said people in the area should watch out for him. WTH?

  • marinewife101 Sep 26, 2011

    hereandnow99 - are you SERIOUSLY that ignorant??? REALLY!?!? Cigs are legal, marijuana IS NOT!!!

  • marinewife101 Sep 26, 2011

    sidecutter - you're the one who's pathetic!! Don't knock Lizard Lick Towing - you obviously know nothing about them!!!

  • The Fox Sep 26, 2011

    [Crazy, huh? It's just as crazy to charge him with possession of marijuana. IMO.]So how did their car roll over again? He couldn't have been impared by drugs and marijuana, right?

  • u stand corrected Sep 26, 2011

    People driving in the left lane cause more back ups than anything else.

  • thinkb4speak Sep 26, 2011

    hereandnow99 - It seems that you do not understand the difference between legal and illegal. Cigarettes are legal - therefore it is ok to have them in your posession. Marijuana is illegal therefore if you are caught with it in your posession, you are breaking the law. If you don't like it - fight to change the law, but don't expect the authorities to ignore it until then.

  • LocalYokel Sep 26, 2011

    bad drivers cause heavy traffic buildups. Very inconsiderate.