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Two Bragg soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Posted February 1, 2011

— Two Fort Bragg soldiers died Sunday in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense said Tuesday.

Spc. Joshua R. Campbell, 22, of Bennett, Colo., and Spc. Shawn A. Muhr, 26, of Coon Rapids, Iowa, died in Helmand province of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked their unit with an improvised explosive device, officials said.

Campbell and Muhr were assigned to the 264th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 82nd Sustainment Brigade.


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  • noturaveragesoccermom Feb 1, 2011


  • MitziGaynor Feb 1, 2011

    Eduardo1: You have the heart of the grinch and the common sense of a 2 year old.

    As RB-1 stated, go somewhere else. You are no better than the Westboro Cult people.

  • RB-1 Feb 1, 2011

    And Eduardo, here you are again at a memorial comment area touting your private agenda on the war.

    1. Do you have no idea of appropriateness?

    2. Do you realize no one at this comment area cares about your thoughts on the war?

    3. Do you not know how to start your own blog by hitting [Create a blog post about this] above so you can state your views on the war away from this comment area so the loved ones of these dead soldiers who may be reading this don't have to read that you think their deaths were senseless or in vain?

    Those who sign a military contract and don a military uniform don't believe as you do. They understand that except for them, enemy tanks may be rolling down YOUR street sometime soon.

    So please, show some respect and post your anti-war comments in the appropriate places.

    Thank you.

  • RB-1 Feb 1, 2011

    Awww, praying for those who loved him.

  • Eduardo1 Feb 1, 2011

    MS Manda...I have no issue with what you have posted & I do not mean to diminish the service people who are over there. I feel that the "WAR" is senseless.
    Why are we there? Do you feel more secure because we keep on losing our young men? Do you feel that this is something we can win? Do you feel that the 13th century population really cares if we pull out today?

  • Ms.Manda Feb 1, 2011

    Eduardo, maybe those soldiers felt they were fighting for a cause, and maybe their family doesn't think their deaths were in vain. Just a thought. While I HATE that our troops are killed, many feel that they are over there making a difference; all we can do is support them

  • Eduardo1 Feb 1, 2011

    more senseless deaths in this senseless war.

    RIP brave young men and condolences to their families and friends

  • pamelaworley1969 Feb 1, 2011

    my condolences to both of these families. you are in my thoughts and prayers.