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Two arrested in Dudley home invasion, sex assault

Posted March 15, 2013

— Wayne County deputies have arrested two men in connection with a home invasion in Dudley last week in which a woman was sexually assaulted, authorities said Friday.

Four or five men men forced their way into a home on Genoa Road at about 11 p.m. March 8, and one of the men forced a 21-year-old woman in the home into a bedroom, where she was sexually assaulted, authorities said.

Meanwhile, the other intruders went through the home, forcing another woman and a child to sit in the living room while they stole several items, including a gun, authorities said.

The women didn't know their attackers, authorities said.

Tavares Monderio Allen, 21, of 1802 John Court in Goldsboro, was arrested Thursday evening and charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree kidnapping, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape and larceny of a firearm.

Jay Mark Jackson Jr., 20, of 908A Hugh St. in Goldsboro, was arrested early Friday on the same charges.

Both men were being held in the Wayne County jail under $1.2 million bonds.

The case remains under investigation, and more arrests are possible, authorities said.


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  • jackpalmerpe Mar 15, 2013

    Get a Shotgun. Get a Shotgun. I promise you, just step out on the deck and shoot and the bogey man will go away.

    Yea right!

    These guys should be castrated with a dull knife.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Mar 15, 2013

    when one of the partners is underage but is not physically forced or threatened.

    Both guys was over 18 and the girl they assaulted wrongfully was 21.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Mar 15, 2013

    When someone breaks into your home, they already come prepared with a loaded gun. You having one could cause you to loose your life. Be safe.

  • kb4056 Mar 15, 2013


    I agree totally & I will not give up my gun

  • Terkel Mar 15, 2013

    COOPER, there's statutory rape - when one of the partners is underage but is not physically forced or threatened.

  • Glock07 Mar 15, 2013

    Home Invasions continue to rise, sad. As for me and my family, we are prepared.

  • Terkel Mar 15, 2013

    shootem first then call 911

    shootem first, make a pot of coffee, solve a Sudoku, then call 911

  • Paul M Mar 15, 2013

    " We need to make home invasion robbery a capital offense. The same with forcible rape."

    evil panda

    Did'nt know there was any other kind of rape

  • airbornemonty Mar 15, 2013

    The story says that the culprits stole a gun so what is this about the rape victim shooting the rapist?

    Often there is a weapon in the home, but the victim goes into a state of shock and becomes helpless, especially if the victim happens to be a female.

    I am aware that many females are tough as nails, but then there are a lot more that would freeze. By the way, men are known to freeze as well in combat.

  • bubbaredneck Mar 15, 2013

    Need to be executed old west style!! By rope!! At the town square at high noon!! And no, skin color doesn't matter before you ask the question! Anyone who does this needs to meet God to answer it immediately!!!