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Twenty-one arrested in alcohol bust at Goldsboro restaurant

Posted March 3, 2011

— A Goldsboro restaurant owner and his wife were among 21 people arrested on alcohol, drug and other charges during a raid in February, authorities announced Wednesday.

State Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent David Williams said that Lamars Mexican Restaurant was raided on Feb. 20 on suspicions that alcohol was being served after-hours.

The owner, Cesar Lamar, of 706 S. George St., was charged with selling alcohol after-hours, allowing alcohol and substance abuse violations to occur and failure to supervise an Alcoholic Beverage Control licensed premises.

His wife, Claudia Lamar, of 407 Goldleaf Drive in Goldsboro, and a bartender, Ana Lopez, of 334 Outlaw Road in Dudley, face charges of selling alcohol after-hours.

Angel Deleon, of 334 Running Deer Circle in Dudley, was charged with possession of cocaine, Alec Grant, of 362 Sandhill Drive in Goldsboro, with obstructing a law enforcement officer, and Omar Salasar, of 108 Smith Road in Mount Olive, with possession of a fraudulent state identification card.

Agents seized a handgun, 16 grams of cocaine, 6 grams of methamphetamine and 1 gram of marijuana, Williams said. Five gang members were also identified.

The following people were charged with consuming alcohol after-hours:

  • Raphael Jimenez and Rigoberto Perez, both of 108 Smith Road in Mount Olive
  • Jose Fonseca, of 4916 Highway 117 S. Alternate in Dudley
  • Rumoaldo Mejia, of 116 Nick Drive in Goldsboro
  • Edgar Meja-Youc, of 102 Wd Drive in Seven Springs
  • Alejandre Aguirre, of 182 Mitchell Road in Dudley
  • Jesus Garza, of 758 Massey Road in Dudley
  • Rigoberto Martines, of 182 Mitchell Road in Dudley
  • Hugo Gaspar, of 220 Maggie Lane in Rose Hill
  • Salatiel Gonzalez, of 108 Massey Road in Dudley
  • Pablo Aguilon and Cesar Cabrara, both of 1904 William St. in Goldsboro
  • Silverio Torres, of 119 Mint Hill Drive in Goldsboro
  • Rigoberto Mauricio of 108 Smith Road, Mount Olive

Goldsboro police, the Wayne County Alcoholic Beverage Control and state Division of Motor Vehicles' License and Theft Bureau helped in the raid.

"We take allegations of this nature seriously and banded together to bring it to a stop," Williams said in a statement.


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  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 4, 2011

    Yeah, I guess you're right. All those years down on the farm, out on the construction jobs, in the heat, in the cold....I never did all that stuff, I musta dreamed it. That 50 cents an hour in the tobacco field never happened either. I have entire photo albums chock-full of just pictures of me being served in restaurants by the oppressed, too. Assume much? Who can afford to eat out? What is the weather like on your planet? You should work on your English, and learn to stop and breathe occasionally too. Capitals and punctuation are key also, as well as sentence structure. You can't read, either. I never said anything bad about Mexicans, just "Undocumented Workers". SEEN any? ;)

  • damnyank Mar 4, 2011

    ooh, smith. the wise guy. well unless you would like to do some of that cheap labor yourself then i wouldn't be complaining. just because your generation goes way back, doesn't give you the right to discriminate against people.
    people like you are the same kind of people that talk bad about Mexicans but sit your fat tails in a booth at El Dorado, or Toreros. ah, how many illegal hands have fed you my dear? haha. and if the americans that complain so much about not having a good life in america might want to take a better look at their lives and start thinking about how they're living it. you have the best opportunities here, and if immigrants (legal AND illegal) can come here and be successful then there is no reason that an American can't. so don't even pull that card out, because that just sounds pathetic. "oh poor Americans, we can't have a better life, but immigrants can..."boo hoo. stop whining and get off your lazy tails

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 4, 2011

    No, we don't automatically assume that all people with Hispanic names are illegal. We do, however, notice that most illegal people are Hispanic. I don't have a problem with brown people, I'm kinda brown myself. I don't have a problem with people coming to America for a better life, either. There are millions of Americans who would like to ask if it might be OK if we be given the same consideration in OUR OWN COUNTRY. In case it got past you, we did all these jobs BEFORE the bonanza of cheap illegal labor arrived.....and actually made a living at it. Pardon our arrogance and selfishness, please. ;)

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 4, 2011

    The text clearly states that a person was charged with possession of a fraudulent state identification card. Why would he need it if he was a legal citizen or resident of the state? Getting busted in an Undocumented liquor house don't exactly help his case, either........ Jimmy the Greek wouldn't have even made a bet on this one. Bliss indeed. ;)

  • itom68 Mar 4, 2011

    One gram of weed!


  • ms.duarte Mar 4, 2011

    Ok i like the way people automaticly assume everybody with a hispanic name is illegal. Just because it is happening does not meen that evey hispanic person in america is illigal. the owners and the bartender are not illegal. Ignorance is bliss for people who walk around just seeing what they want to see.

  • ncmickey Mar 3, 2011

    People, your not seeing the whole picture. After hours = off the books. Off the books = no taxes.

    Just like kickin over stills or shuttin down liquor houses....

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 3, 2011

    How strange that a person would be charged with possession of a fraudulent state ID card, but it's cool for that same person to BE here illegally. Only in America, otherwise known as Doormat Land......was that racist? If so, I'm covered. My family goes back way further than five generations, PLUS there were Cherokee in the woodpile. ;)

  • newwake Mar 3, 2011

    There's really a law that you can't CONSUME alcohol after hours? So if you nurse a drink that you purchased at 1:30 am, you should down it at 1:59?

    You can consume alcohol anytime at home or on private property. This law refers to an establishment that sells alcohol. Not sure of the reasoning behind the law though.

  • newwake Mar 3, 2011

    A lot of you are focusing on the alcohol violation. I would dare to say that was just a way in to a place that has received complaints from the public about drug use, violence, etc. I wish people would not look at just the surface and look deeper. This got some gang members and quite a bit of dope off the street. Drop in the bucket I know but its the best they can do right now.